Thirty years ago on October 18, 1984 Anthony Silvera began his journey in the United States Air Force at Basic Military Training. Little did he know during his 30 year career he would be able to serve as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and Commissioned Officer in roles such as a logistician, program manager, flight commander, and an instructor. He would be stationed in Germany, Texas, California, South Carolina and two year long deployments in Iraq. With extensive hands on experience, a hardworking attitude and the determination to succeed in civilian life, Anthony retired from active duty on December 2014 as a Major. Although his transition wasn’t easy, he is now the Northwell Health Veteran Program Specialist and ready to help each Military member who is battling the same struggles he did.

As the end of December 2014 brought a chapter of Anthony’s life to a close he was still excited to begin his journey and adapt to civilian life. With a polished resume and a suit freshly pressed he was ready to take on his first interview. Until he realized he didn’t have one. The lack of emails and phone calls left him unmotivated and confused- surely a man with 30 years’ experience and a college degree deserved a chance to prove himself in an interview. After months of frustration and interviews ending in “You’re terrific, but you’re just not qualified for this position” Anthony had about enough until one day a Veteran Case Manager from Eastern Seals got in touch with him.

“I learned I was making all the classic mistakes. Applying for too many positions and not identifying the correct things on my resume. All simple things that I wouldn’t have known unless I was taught – I will never forget how Eastern Seals helped me get to where I am today” Silvera said.

A little while later he received an email from an employee in Talent Acquisition at Northwell Health (then North Shore-LIJ Health System) about an open position. Thrilled about the opportunity he decided to call her right then and there, “I was too excited to wait and I figured I would get her voicemail since it was 8:00 PM, but to my surprise she picked up! We chatted about the Barracks to Business Workshop and Game of Thrones and she said she would contact me about the open position. I still thank her to this day for finding me.”  A little over a year later his passion for helping Veterans has grown even more, “I was one of them. I understand the struggles they are going through and I’m determined to help them find a career here.”   

Every current service member, transitioning service member, or veteran should know that Anthony is here for you: your needs will be met, your questions will be answered and you will never be alone in this process. He is dedicated to developing, collaborating and managing all relationships and assisting in the transition of Military Veterans into a career here.

dbluetipTransition to a new mission with us. 

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