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Getting your foot in the door could be the next big step in your career!

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Getting your foot in the door could be the next big step in your career!

When you’re looking for the ideal place to build a great career, you’ve got a lot of questions. How do I know this is the right culture for me? How can I show the right employer everything I have to offer? How do I even get started and get my foot in the door of a great organization?

FlexStaff has the answers.

The FlexStaff Difference.

“Working as a temp employee with FlexStaff is a unique opportunity to test drive a job. While the site is trying you out, you are also seeing if a particular site or department is the right fit for you.”–Carolyn Doyle, FlexStaff AVP

FlexStaff, our temporary staffing agency, provides clerical and nursing support to Northwell Health. Since Northwell Health is the largest health system in New York, you can image there are a lot of great opportunities. The big advantage of FlexStaff is that it gives you the chance to take on a great temporary role – or a series of roles – within Northwell Health and potentially leverage them into a great career.

The role you can play.

With an organization as large and complex as Northwell Health, there are nearly limitless ways for you to contribute to our success in a temporary role as you enjoy unequaled variety, flexibility and the possibility to move into full-time employment.

  • Nursing – Through FlexStaff Private Duty, LPNs and CNAs have the opportunity to provide patients with a higher level of personalized care in the hospital with 1:1 care. We offer a unique opportunity for our internal Northwell Health nurses to take on additional shifts and earn extra money through FlexStaff moonlighting.
  • Clerical – FlexStaff Core offers a wide variety of opportunities for clerical and other professionals, including, Medical Assistants/Medical Office Assistants, Front Desk, Practice Secretary Associates, Clerks, Phlebotomists, Executive Assistants, Admin Support, Billers and more.

The beginning of a great relationship.

It’s a good opportunity to get your foot in the door of the health system. Just because you start as a temp, you’re not any lower or higher than your coworkers and you get to be at the forefront of a new full-time opportunity.” –Aaron Weeks, Pre-Boarding Rep and FlexStaff temp to full hire employee

Working with FlexStaff gives you the chance to contribute to the success of one of the nation’s largest and most respected health systems. With a comprehensive orientation as well as online and classroom training (depending on position), you’ll be able to contribute right away as you let your abilities shine. This will put you in the best possible position for advancing into a full-time, permanent position. On average, six temporary FlexStaff employees become full-time Northwell Health employees each and every week.

Take that first step by exploring all that FlexStaff has to offer.

Learn more here.

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Northwell Health nurses are driving change in behavioral health.

Zucker Hillside Hospital

Northwell Health nurses are driving change in behavioral health.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. At Zucker Hillside Hospital, Northwell Health’s nationally recognized behavioral health center, we’re committed to the compassionate care of people suffering from a wide range of conditions and addictions. We’re passionate about our leadership role in the field as we pursue new treatments and solutions to help our patients reintegrate into the community.

That’s why we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and best practices with the behavioral health community at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s 31st Annual Conference this October in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zucker Hillside Hospital has been an active participant and presenter at the conference for many years. In fact, our Chief Nursing Officer, Marybeth McManus serves on the Research Council steering committee board. We’re very excited about the volume of presentations by our nurses this year — eight posters and one podium presentation. “We are really rejuvenating our nursing research and evidence based council at Zucker Hillside,” notes Marybeth. “This year we’re going all out to share what we’ve got going on.”

With new research initiatives and the rollout of the evidence based practice competency, Zucker Hillside Hospital is upping the game for nurses in their professional practice. Not only that, but the hospital opened a brand new building in 2013. “Northwell Health really supports behavioral health,” states Marybeth. “That’s unique for a health system and we’re excited to be able to disseminate some of the cutting edge things we’re doing here.”

We’ll be sharing previews of our nurses’ presentations over the coming months, which include topics such as dialectical behavioral therapy, the effect of noise control on patient satisfaction, elevating family centered electroconvulsive therapy, experiences and utilization of the New York State Office of Mental Health’s “Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations,” and more!

blue-triangle Explore careers in behavioral health.

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Compassionate care and the comforts of home.


Compassionate care and the comforts of home.

You can help bring it all together.

Are you transitioning into a new phase of your life? Are you looking for a job where you can make the most of your flexibility, dedication and compassion? RegionCare Nursing Agency, a licensed agency of Northwell Health, may have just what you’re seeking.

As a Home Health Aide with RegionCare Nursing Agency, you’ll help bring the exceptional, innovative care Northwell Health is known for right to the patient’s home. Your key role will enable patients to enjoy decreased healing time, improved mental health and an increased sense of dignity.

Home care is a rapidly growing area of health care. RegionCare Nursing Agency has openings for experienced Home Health Aides as well as training courses for those looking to begin a career in this rewarding field. “We’re looking for high caliber individuals,” says Mary Winters, Assistant Vice President of RegionCare. “We need people who are accountable, and who also have the flexibility to do this job well and are looking to grow with a dynamic healthcare organization.

The key role you’ll play.

As a Home Health Aide, you will work closely as a team with highly skilled nurses to provide comprehensive patient care. Because every patient is unique, you may be called on to provide any of the following services:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Shopping
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Preparing meals
  • Reading to patients
  • Taking patients for walks
  • Helping with hobbies and activities

The rewards you’ll enjoy.

Delivering this vital care while meeting our high standards may be challenging. “You have to be mature, empathic and patient,” notes Mary Winters. If you have what it takes, the benefits and perks are excellent and include:

  • Flexible days and hours
  • Paid continuing education
  • Compensation for travel time
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Employee appreciation activities
  • Health Insurance (Full-time employees)

The training you need to get started.

One great thing about pursuing a career with RegionCare is that you don’t need home care experience. If you have a heart for caring for others, they can help you live out that passion. RegionCare Nursing Agency provides a FREE Home Health Aide Training Course to get you started. Offered multiple times throughout the year and at several locations, the course combines 75 hours of classroom training with 16 hours of supervised practical training. Registered Nurses provide instruction based on your unique needs and guide you in developing required hands-on skills. Of course, those with home health experience are definitely encouraged to apply as well.

Take the first step.

If you’re ready to make the most of your deep compassion for others, we invite you to join us as a Home Health Aide with RegionCare.

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Tips for a Successful Internship

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Tips for a Successful Internship

An internship is the first step to beginning your career. Although they may seem intimidating, if you follow these tips, you can ensure a successful experience!

Treat it as an extended interview.

Dress for the part – If you want to be part of the team, you need to dress like the team. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Speaking the part – Always remember you are in a professional environment, be aware of the language you use, and how you present yourself. Refrain from using your phone and ensure you are listening – you may believe you are good at multitasking, but you want everyone to know that you value their time.

Acting the part Be someone who you would like to work with. Ask for feedback and accept constructive criticism from your colleagues.

Take advantage of networking opportunities.

Take the time to learn about and connect with the people you meet over the course of your internship. Everyone you come in contact with will have a unique story and a unique set of skills that you could benefit from. It is important to build your professional network, you never know, they could present you with your first job opportunity.

Maximize your experience.

Internships have an expiration date, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity that you can. Volunteer for projects that might be out of your comfort zone – you can learn from every experience and make sure throughout your internship to ask questions. No question is a dumb question. Remember to have fun; you are looking for a career that will last the rest of your life.

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Saving lives is my passion. A Paramedic’s story.


Saving lives is my passion. A Paramedic’s story.

Written by Adrian Concepcion, Paramedic I

Why I became a Paramedic

My Northwell Health career began before I had even discovered the passion I had to help others. My mother, a Nurse, and my father, a Physician Assistant, both worked at hospitals that would one day become part of the Northwell Health family. Although I admired their work and saw them excel in their careers, I never pictured myself following in either of their footsteps. After high school and through the first few years of college, I worked at a number of jobs, but it was hard to see any of those jobs as a long-term career. It wasn’t until I took an EMT- Basic course that I immediately realized, “This is it. This is my passion.” I get to come to work, help people improve their lives, and even save lives on a daily basis.

At a young age, my grandfather told me to find a career that I loved, a role that would make me want to wake up in the morning and go to work every day. If you can do that, he said that I would never work a day in my life.

Joining Northwell Health

After I completed the EMT – Basic course, I started working at various EMS companies, but I had a desire for more. I wanted to be able to make a bigger impact on the lives of my patients and I wanted to work for a company that shared the same goals as me. I began working night shifts as an EMT and started attending Stony Brook University’s Paramedic Program during the day. One year later, I graduated at the top of my class and started to practice as a Paramedic.

I started looking and applying to Northwell Health’s careers website at every opportunity. I would apply for any position I was qualified for with the plan that once I got in the health system I could transfer into CEMS (Center for Emergency Medical Services). Then finally in January 2016, while waiting for the next emergency call at work, my phone rang and it was Northwell Health- the day had finally come. During the interview and on-boarding process, every individual I had the pleasure of dealing with made me realize that I could not have made a better choice than becoming part of this organization. Since my hiring as an EMT-Basic I was upgraded to Paramedic I in under a year.

“I was made for this”

Academic accomplishments aside, what I am most proud of is being able to do what I love for my patients. I can truly say I treat every one of my patients as if they were my own family and it has paid off. I have received numerous awards and stars on myRecognition, our internal employee recognition platform, and accomplishment pins from supervisors and fellow staff members. Numerous patients and their families write letters to thank me and my partner for going above and beyond to make a stressful, scary situation easier on them.  When our CEMS EMTs and Paramedics show up, it’s usually due to an emergency situation. Knowing the community can trust the EMTs and Paramedics to take care of them or their family members and that CEMS is leading the way in its industry allows them to take a sigh of relief.

I know I was “made for this,” because of the letters I receive from a patient’s family thanking me for taking care of their loved one or another patient has called to say thank you. Every day I wear my recognition pins proudly. It reminds me to always uphold my organization’s values and it shows the pride I have for my job. They also ensure that I never forget how blessed I am to work as a Northwell Health Paramedic.  My plan is to soon advance my career even further and become a Critical Care Paramedic.

Most importantly, every time I put on my uniform it reminds me that I have another chance to make a difference or save a life. After all, the simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that passes from person to person.

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My year journey as a Healthcare Administrative Fellow


Photo: From left to right, Fritz is the fifth man on the right.

My year journey as a Healthcare Administrative Fellow

Written by: Fritz-Gerald Lochard

I originally learned about the administrative fellowship program through asking one of my professors, “What are my options after I obtain my MBA”? She directed me to look into administrative fellowships. Upon doing research I discovered many different hospitals and health systems within the region that offered this unique program. The one that caught my attention was Northwell Health because I was an employee at Syosset Hospital in the Community Relations department as a Patient Relations Representative and was exposed to the program. I then proceeded to collect the information necessary to apply and ultimately was chosen into the program.

I entered the Administrative Fellowship Program with the goal of absorbing and learning as much as possible. Northwell Health exceeded my expectations and exposed me to many different experiences. I gained a wide range of exposure to health care operations across a large health system. Throughout my rotations, I had regular exposure to strategic, operational and financial challenges throughout the health system. The lessons I learned go far beyond anything I could have possibly learned in the classroom. During my rotations I also received regular access to some of the health systems most influential leaders. The ability to network with countless amounts of leaders and individuals allowed me to build relationships that will continue throughout my career here. Throughout those interactions I learned many unique things about the Health System. The one common theme I received from those interactions is that you do not have to be defined by one passion or career path. We have the ability to be successful in many different paths and this organization has done an amazing job encouraging growth within individuals, helping them tackle new challenges, and supporting them in stepping out of their comfort zones.

Throughout the year I accumulated many memories. Through the fellowship program I was provided with a membership to American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and was able to attend the 2017 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago, Illinois. The conference objectives were to develop “the long view” in context of uncertainty and disruption, gain a deeper understanding of the implications of insurance exchanges in particular and health reform in general and identify key components of population health program and the essential steps to build it. That was an amazing experience, but the one memory that really stands out to me is our annual fellowship trip to Washington D.C. Growing up I could have never imagined having the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill and have lunch with Congressmen and meet with White House Correspondents. The Administrative Fellowship at Northwell Health afforded me that opportunity and it was by far one of the greatest memories I was able to create throughout this year.

For many of us entering programs to obtain Master’s in Business Administration, we tend to not realize how broad that degree can be. The fellowship definitely guided me in narrowing down were my interest truly are. Through my rotations I was able to figure out that I have a strong interest within Finance and Human Resources. The next steps for me would be to find the best possible environment that will allow me to continue to grow, learn and sharpen my skillsets within one of those two disciplines. I can honestly say that Northwell Health has provided me with a strong foundation to continue to build my career and equipped me with the tools to become a leader for a very long time.

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Made for this™ – our employee promise


Made for this™ – our employee promise

By Elaine Page, Chief People Innovation Officer

Why did we develop our employee promise?

Our employee promise defines our experience as employees. We wanted to be able to truly articulate who we are and what we do. It’s what you get, for what you put in. In other words, it’s the deal. Made for this defines what our “best days” look like, so we can create more of them for everyone, every day.

We wanted to be able to differentiate our culture and describe what sets us apart – in health care and beyond. This is extremely important because every single person, regardless of their position or the facility that they work at – is truly a part of what makes us special.

Our employee promise will give us a competitive edge – not only will it help us develop, motivate and retain the great people we already have working in the organization, we’ll be able to use it to attract the best new people.


Our journey to create our employee promise

We created an employee promise that proudly and authentically expresses our culture. 2000 employees in 74 sessions— from across various roles and facilities — shared their experience of what it was really like to work here —and didn’t hold back. Their voices were powerful, meaningful and true and their conclusion was clear: being made for this is what sets us apart. Made for this is how we define the Northwell Health difference.

Thanks to their honesty, we now have an incredible employee promise to be proud of. Made by our people, for our people.


Our team members described what a great day looked like and what a challenging day looked like. They said that when they look at their overall experience of Northwell Health, the good times outweigh the tough times. The “best days” outweigh the worst. But, we all want more “best days.”


Made for this – for our people, by our people

We all own the culture of Northwell Health and our experience at work as employees and we believe the culture is ours to shape.

Our team members bring individuality to how we care for people – our patients, community, and each other. We’re not like everyone else….we’re unique and our promise celebrates that. Our reality is powerful, emotional, hard, funny and wonderful, all at the same time. And that’s OK. Because we are a part of something great – we’re made for this.

Are YOU made for Northwell Health?

By creating an employee promise we’re now able to hire the best industry talent that perfectly fit within our culture. We’re flexible, hardworking and not afraid to push boundaries. If you think you’re made for this, check out a role with us – we’d love to welcome you to our Northwell Health family.

blue-triangle Find out more about our employee promise here.

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Over 800,000 patients turn to us each year in times of emergency.

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Over 800,000 patients turn to us each year in times of emergency.

Emergency nursing at Northwell Health is driven by our mission to provide better patient care. With 21 hospitals throughout the five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester, we have emergency capabilities you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Two state-of-the-art EDs opened in the past six months at Southside Hospital and Huntington Hospital
  • New York City’s first ever freestanding emergency department
  • State-of-the-art SkyHealth helicopter service

In addition, we feature innovative Telehealth/Telestroke/Telepsych programs that connect patients presenting specific conditions with the appropriate specialist in their area. Even if not on site, the specialist can connect via video and audio right at the patient’s bedside.

“By being an emergency nurse at any Northwell Health facility, you’re not just part of one hospital, you’re part of an Emergency Medicine service line, and a health system.”

— Kate O’Neill (Enright), RN, MSN, Director of Clinical Operations, Emergency Medicine Service Line

Your career, your choice.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for nurses to develop and grow professionally within Northwell Health. You’re part of a vast health system, not just one hospital,” says Kate O’Neill (Enright). Whether you’re looking to work in a fast-paced urban medical center or a more intimate community hospital, Northwell Health has a place for you. And with the diversity of cases we handle, you’ll experience continual professional challenge.

The learning never stops, and neither does your career. We believe in constant learning, development, and professional growth. The only way this happens is through a commitment to our nurses to make it happen.

“Our nursing talent is extremely important at Northwell Health and our system offers numerous opportunities.  In addition to a very structured fellowship program for new graduate emergency nurses, we also focus heavily on developing our nursing leaders.”

–Paula A. Fessler RN, BSN, MSN, MS, FNP-BC, Vice President, Emergency Medicine Service Line

Throughout our extensive system, you’ll be able to:

  • Benefit from our structured Emergency Nursing Education and opportunities for mentorship
  • Leverage the potential to grow into leadership roles – Assistant Nurse Manager, Nurse Manager, ADN and more
  • Experience unequaled educational opportunities, including tuition reimbursement, fellowships, advanced trauma training, career ladders and more
  • Enjoy the front line engagement of our shared governance model and our collaborative care committees

Make the call.

We have openings throughout our system for exceptional team players who can think and act fast.

“We’re looking for nurses who are engaged in their professional practice, patient-centered, and looking to be part of a dynamic organization.”

— Kate O’Neill (Enright), RN, MSN

 Interested in joining our team of nurses? Explore our unlimited career possibilities.

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An exciting future in surgical nursing starts May 15th!

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An exciting future in surgical nursing starts May 15th!

It’s not often you get the chance to reinvigorate your career while helping to redefine an entire professional field. That opportunity happens on May 15th at the Operating Room (OR) Nursing Interview Day at Northwell Health’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

At our Interview Day, you’ll begin to experience the career advantages our employees already enjoy. That’s because Lenox Hill Hospital truly offers the best of both worlds – the challenge, variety and advanced technology of a large, metropolitan medical center and the close-knit, supportive setting of a community hospital.

Big city excitement.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Lenox Hill Hospital delivers exceptional health care to one of the most vibrant areas in the world – a service area that includes millions of people. Working as an OR nurse in this 652-bed world-class facility enables you to experience state-of-the-art technology as well as close collaboration with some of the top clinical professionals in the field. We currently feature:

    •  22 operating rooms (expanding to 25)
    • We have three surgical robots, including the DaVinci Xi and Si Robots
    • A wide array of robotic procedures, including cardiothoracic, orthopedic, neurosurgery, robotics, general surgery, orthopedic, pediatrics and sports medicine.
    • Innovative working environment, including eICU, telemedicine, SkyHealth helicopter and much more

By putting this and other advanced technology in the hands of exceptional physicians, nurses, techs and other skilled professionals, we’ve become a recognized source for surgical excellence. We’ve been named a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as well as one of U.S. News & World Report’s top hospitals for heart surgery, GI surgery and neurosurgery.

“We have different types of robots, including our Mako robotics for orthopedic surgery and our newest robot for ENT cases.” –Ella Shapiro, Associate Executive Director of Perioperative Services, Lenox Hill Hospital

Small town engagement.

Nobody would ever confuse New York City with a small town. And although Lenox Hill Hospital is in the heart of Manhattan, we foster a working environment that feels like family. Our nursing leadership is active, involved and supportive. For highly skilled and compassionate nursing professionals, Lenox Hill Hospital provides a wide variety of other professional advantages, including:

    • Interdisciplinary collaborative care council committed to seeking opportunities to improve units, establish/improve processes and patient outcomes
    • Excellent compensation and benefits
    • Tremendous growth potential within our 21-hospital system
    • Commitment to your ongoing education and development

“Passion, work life balance, positive patient experience, safety, quality, growth and leadership. That is what you will find at Lenox Hill and Northwell Health and why I’ve been with Northwell Health Facilities for the past 29 years.” –Gloria Collura, Senior Administrative Director II, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital at Northwell Health

Find out for yourself.

“I like to ask nurses, if this was a perfect world what service lines would you scrub on? Tell me your top three choices. I am fortunate enough to make that work.” –Ella Shapiro

To experience first hand all we have to offer surgical nurses, come to the OR Nursing Interview Day on Monday, May 15th.  Register here.