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More than coworkers – friends who were made for each other.

More than coworkers – friends who were made for each other.

You know how sometimes you meet a person for the first time and you just click? That’s how it was for Erin Alesi and Josephine Corcoran. They met through a mutual friend when Erin started as a nurse at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). And even though they’ve never worked on the same unit together, they’ve built an amazing friendship over the years.

“One of the unique things about this hospital is that it’s not just a bunch of people working nine to five and going home. We’re family.”

 –Erin Alesi, RN

Whether it’s scrubs or sweatpants, double-shift or day off, the best news of your life or the very worst, the people of SIUH are there for each other. They support and love one another through all the ups and downs of life. That’s why, when Josephine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they were devastated. This was their sister who was hurting and in trouble.

Josephine had a long, hard battle ahead of her. Everyone wanted to do something to keep her spirits up as she went through an incredibly challenging time in her life. Her good friend Erin, had an idea for a fun way to encourage Josephine that would simply tell her that she can beat this and that everyone was behind her all the way. No matter what…don’t stop believin’. The video above is the result of this labor of love.

With lots of inflatable guitars and microphones – literally “air guitars” – they all rocked out and acted silly as they tried to encourage, lift up and make Josephine smile. It was a blessing for her friends to be able to do this for her. And it was a joy to watch everyone be truly together to make it all happen.

“Sure, it was a bit corny and silly but we just wanted Josephine to be able to smile again, to laugh at us and know that we were thinking and praying for her.”

–Erin Alesi, RN

Josephine is doing well and continuing to fight. Because we know that every moment matters, we hope that in some small way, we were able to show Josephine the same kind of compassion she shows to all around her. If you’re looking for a place where you can truly be yourself, where your coworkers are your family and where even the smallest gestures can change a life, you were Made for this.

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Motivated to stay healthy – how our annual Wellness Challenges have benefited our employees


Motivated to stay healthy – how our annual Wellness Challenges have benefited our employees

A healthy employee is a happy employee. Did you know that each year we have Wellness Challenges for our employees to keep track of their personal health?  These challenges involve tracking your healthy and unhealthy habits, reducing stress, or simply encouraging you to move around more. Last year at our annual employee barbeque our President and CEO, Michael J. Dowling, awarded prizes to the challenge winners who were all secretly hoping to win the grand prize, a trip to any one of our seven destination options, ranging from Peru to China to Thailand.

Last year alone, Mr. Dowling handed out 14 prizes to employees who completed all 3 challenges. One winner, Imee Sarmiento, recently took her trip to Rome with her husband.  Wanting to get in on the fun, Imee’s sister Lulette (who also works for the health system) decided to plan a trip at the same time.

Throughout their trip, they got to visit many famous cities such as Florence and Siena, but one sight they didn’t expect to see under the Tuscan sun was former United States President Barak Obama and the Air Force One Leaving the Rome Airport.

“Winning this trip was an incredible experience! It was an enticing incentive for employees to promote health and wellness as well as encourage camaraderie amongst its employees,” said Imee. These sisters have been a part of our nursing family for 14 and 20 years respectively.

“We don’t really know any company that granted their employees any wellness challenges and incentives such as the experience we just had. It’s amazing and totally reinforced Northwell Health’s dedication to be a forefront in leading and promoting employee satisfaction,” said Lulette.

Here at Northwell Health, we are always looking out for the health of our employees. Our wellness initiatives not only allow our employees to maintain their health outside the workplace, but while working as well. Over the past few years, we have continued to put the health of our employees first by providing healthy food options at the cafeterias throughout our facilities and snack options in our vending machines. So far these challenges have helped hundreds of employees lose weight and change their lifestyle.


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We’re made for taking on challenges with innovative solutions.

Northwell Health

We’re made for taking on challenges with innovative solutions.

The health care industry is going through its most dramatic change in history. Because caring runs through everything we do, we strive to stay a step ahead in defining the way care is delivered in these constantly changing times. When you combine this changing industry landscape with a critical shortage of nurses and other skilled clinical professionals, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education takes on a new and urgent priority.

We’re excited to be able to do our part to make a difference. Led by Cheryl Davidson, our Senior Director of Workforce Readiness, we’ve put a number of innovative STEM-focused initiatives in place. And our efforts are being recognized: we were just named a 2017-2018 STEM-Approved Employer by STEM Jobs. Here’s how we earned it.

Engaging students through STEM education.

For our current employees looking to shift their career priorities into the STEM world, we offer fellowships that enable them to learn and grow the skills and knowledge they need for these critical roles. Employees currently in STEM-related careers are also able to promote the importance of STEM education through our SPARK! Challenge. This year, we had employees from 53 Northwell Health departments contribute their time and expertise to the Challenge. Working closely with 700 local high school students they helped immerse these students in key positions throughout Northwell Health. Students then prepare presentations to share what they learned. The benefits are twofold. Students gain a greater appreciation for the wide range of opportunities within STEM fields while igniting a passion for taking on the educational challenges that will propel them forward in this exciting area. At the same time, our employees learn more about different professional areas they may not have thought about before.

Connecting classrooms to careers.

We’re proud to partner with Brookhaven National Laboratory to lead the Long Island STEM Hub, part of a national network of hubs promoting STEM careers. We pair industry partners with colleges and high schools to create pipelines for these high-growth fields, particularly in health care. Activities include:

  • Hosting annual forums – We bring healthcare providers together to speak on key topics (nursing, informatics, etc.) with the goal of encouraging students to pursue STEM education and careers. This creates a pool of candidates to benefit the entire healthcare industry.
  • Health Care Industry Council – We have established this council as a way for industry and education to share their respective needs and current trends so that they can develop strategies for mutually satisfying these needs.
  • Teacher Professional Development Day – These special events connect teachers with businesses to help these educators better plan and develop curricula that will prepare students for tomorrow’s STEM careers.

Advancing the underrepresented through STEM excellence.

We focus on diversity and inclusion, working with veterans, people with disabilities and others who may face unique challenges within the workplace. Since STEM-related careers are the fastest growing and most in-demand area of our economy, STEM education can provide a hand up to those in need. Our work in this area includes:

  • Strive – This organization prepares students and those returning to the workforce with additional assistance as well as opportunities to join FlexStaff, our in-house temporary agency.
  • Medical Office Assisting Program – We provide learning, assistance with certification and temporary opportunities as a way for people to get a foot in the door of a great career in health care.
  • Career Academy – We work to foster excellence in the “three Rs”:
    • Rigor – Aligning high school standards to college and workplace expectations
    • Relevance and Learning – Advancing education through real-life industry examples
    • Relationships – Fostering interaction with lecturers, webinars, internships and more

If you’re passionate about advancing STEM education and think you’re made for an organization that is truly innovative and committed to going beyond the ordinary to advance health care, we’d love to hear from you.

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We’re delivering on the promise of new life – and amazing careers

Northwell Health

We’re delivering on the promise of new life – and amazing careers

At Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s Maternal Child Services division, we give our all to make sure babies get a healthy and happy start. In addition to delivering 9,000 babies a year, we provide them and their mothers with the finest care possible. Our determination to care for our mothers and babies runs through everything we do, and we’re proving it by committing to being designated “Baby-Friendly.” This prestigious recognition means that we provide a level of care that enables optimal infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

What does that mean for our RNs? It means breaking with convention.

“It’s an exciting time to be a nurse at LIJ. We’re on the journey to become a designated Baby-Friendly hospital. The journey is challenging, but well worth it!”

–Maureen McCormick, RN-C, BSN, IBCLC, Lactation Coordinator

Becoming Baby-Friendly involves a lot of work, implementing evidence-based best practices, and a commitment to excellence. That’s why we are looking for RNs who are passionate about furthering their education and expertise, including by becoming Certified Breastfeeding Counselors. We also offer certification classes in Electronic Fetal Monitoring and Maternal Newborn Nursing, and exams onsite. “It takes a special person to work with mothers and babies,” adds Maureen. “It’s a totally different type of nursing.”

When nurses are looking to get involved in our efforts to drive change and implement the latest evidence-based practices, the OB division has many councils and committees to choose from such as our monthly Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Core Group. In this group nurses gain awareness of the changes we are looking to make and are able to provide valuable input. Nursing staff who are interested in the initiative may become Champions and they bring information back to the units and also assist with hands-on training.

We’re committed to involving our nursing staff in any changes made throughout the division — together, we’re delivering health care of the future.

“To be a successful maternity nurse, you need to be dedicated, caring, compassionate, ambitious, eager to learn, able to multitask and a team player.”

–Kathy Devlin, RN, BSN, Interim Director of Patient Care Services, OB Division

Providing evidence-based care is not always easy. It means adapting to new policies, new procedures, and being willing to help change the culture. We want nurses who are willing to be challenged so that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care to our mothers and babies.

“Our OB division is very large and diverse. We excel at supporting teamwork, growth opportunities, continuing education and exceeding patient expectations.”

–Kathy Devlin

Are you made for coming out of your comfort zone and looking to take your nursing education a step further? Register for our Maternal Child Nursing Interview Day on Thursday, August 3.

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2017 President’s Awards Winner: Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience

Shawna Vernisie, Creative Art Therapist

2017 President’s Awards Winner: Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience

Shawna Vernisie, Creative Art Therapist

Here at Northwell Health we are continuously encouraging our employees to be their best, and this week at our 11th Annual Presidents Awards Gala we honored those who aren’t satisfied with settling and are always pushing boundaries.

The annual President’s Award Program honors and celebrates individuals and teams who represent the very best of the organization. These employees surpass Northwell Health’s expectations, standards of excellence, and drive innovative business outcomes through three distinctive categories: Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience, Innovation and Teamwork. What makes this award special is that individuals or team are nominated by senior leadership for their contributions. Take a look at this year’s Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience award winner.

Shawna joined our Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Program at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in June 2013, but her story as a musician doesn’t start there. For Shawna, music began when she spent time in the NICU as a newborn and her parents sang to her. Shawna joined us in a part-time role, but as her talent became evident we worked to increase her to full-time status, which happened in 2015. She has blossomed, both as a healer and in her scope of work. In order to bring peace to those families whose children may be at the end of their journey, she creates songs for families using their child’s heartbeat – a beautiful tribute and lasting memory for parents whose time with their child was all too short. All within a year she has implemented a volunteer music program, implemented the use of heartbeat recordings, created a fieldwork placement for NYU’s music therapy students, and so much more.

The music Shawna creates and shares with our patients and families is the soundtrack to our Culture of C.A.R.E. We honor our President’s Awards winner for the difference she makes, the legacy she has helped to create, and for the way her talent sustains us all. Thank you for giving 100% of your heart to your work and the way you represent music therapy to us all. 

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2017 President’s Awards Winner: Innovation


2017 President’s Awards Winner: Innovation

Huntington Hospital Oncology Unit 1 North

Here at Northwell Health we are continuously encouraging our employees to be their best, and last week at our 11th Annual Presidents Awards Gala we honored those who aren’t satisfied with settling and are always pushing boundaries.

The annual President’s Award Program honors and celebrates individuals and teams who represent the very best of the organization. These employees surpass Northwell Health’s expectations, standards of excellence, and drive innovative business outcomes through three distinctive categories: Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience, Innovation and Teamwork. What makes this award special is that individuals or team are nominated by senior leadership for their contributions. Take a look at this year’s Innovation award winner.

Pain can overwhelm our patients in ways we can’t imagine. Unmanaged pain can make other aspects of cancer more acute – fatigue, nausea, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety and confusion all have an impact. Being Truly Compassionate and helping our patients manage pain is at the heart of our practice. The team at Huntington Hospital created and combined multiple innovative strategies to improve pain management for oncology patients, creating a bundle which implemented best practice reliably and consistently for patients.

This team decided to utilize technology to the best of their ability and added a speed dial button on the back of the patient phone which immediately connects patients straight to their nurse, added a simple multi-alarm timers to their medication carts resetting them every time they make a pain intervention to remind them when to check back. On average, after 60 minutes, patients’ assessed pain has reduced from 48.2% to 36.8%. This is dramatically reducing the pain of oncology patients through redefining pain assessment and response. Wanting to take away our patients’ pain is the first instinct of any care-giver. That we can still innovate in this field is a remarkable tribute to a team who continually push the boundaries to redefine health care.

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2017 President’s Awards Winner: Teamwork


2017 President’s Awards Winner: Teamwork

Monter-Vivo Concierge Pharmacy Service

Here at Northwell Health we are continuously encouraging our employees to be their best, and this week at our 11th Annual Presidents Awards Gala we honored those who aren’t satisfied with settling and are always pushing boundaries.

The annual President’s Award Program honors and celebrates individuals and teams who represent the very best of the organization. These employees surpass Northwell Health’s expectations, standards of excellence, and drive innovative business outcomes through three distinctive categories: Exceptional Patient/Customer Experience, Innovation and Teamwork.What makes this award special is that individuals or team are nominated by senior leadership for their contributions.  Take a look at this year’s Teamwork award winner.

The team at Monter Cancer Center knew they could do better. The system was failing patients, so the system had to be changed. As we fight to cure cancer, treatment becomes more complex every year. We all know chemotherapy is tough on our patients and we welcome the recent explosion in oral chemotherapy medicine. Oral chemo drugs can cost thousands of dollars every year, which can leave our patients in a tough financial situation or without the proper medication that they need for weeks or even months.

Our team at Monter got together with Vivo Pharmacy to re-imagine pharmacy services, creating a concierge service for specialty oral cancer drugs, to be located right inside the Monter Cancer Center waiting room. Since December 2015 they’ve saved our patients over $1.73 million, and 98% of prescriptions are approved within 48 hours.

Nothing is more rewarding than making sure our patients get the medication they need, without financial stress. We salute our President’s Awards winners for their teamwork, for the way they came together to make a change, for never accepting an unacceptable situation. Thank you for saving lives, improving the quality of patient care and pushing the boundaries of health care every day.

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Top 5 Questions Employers Ask

Employers Questions

Top 5 Questions Employers Ask

Written by: Marisol Antunez

I get this question a lot: “What do you think they are going to ask me?” Well, that all depends on the type of position you are applying for. Different positions entail different questions. But to speak in general terms, most employers do have one thing in common, they want to get to know you and determine if you have the qualities they need to fill this position. There are certain questions that are specifically targeted for this; below are the Top 5:

1. Tell me about yourself– I can guarantee you that this is the first question they will ask you so be prepared. This stumps a lot of people even though it’s a very simple question.  A lot of job seekers think this means they want to know your life story, favorite sport, foods, or what your ideal date would look like On the contrary, there are two main reasons why they ask this. 1) They want to know what you think is important to offer that is relative to the position, and 2) this question is designed to know you on a professional level and what you can bring to the table.

The best way to answer this question is to keep your answer direct and to the point. You want to talk about where you are professionally now and what your past experiences have taught you in your development. Do some research on the company and find out what they value most and incorporate that into your answer. For example, if the company you are interviewing for strives for exceptional customer service, you want to answer this question by highlighting that skill set. Give them a success story that you are proud of that can give them an idea of your work ethic. Wrap it up by circling back to where you are now and what you hope to accomplish with this position.

2. What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses? Let’s start with the easy one: strengths I recently read about a great tactic to answer this question: grab paper and a pen and write down your knowledge based skills ( software, IT skills), transferable skills ( what you bring to the table i.e communication, people, analytical, etc.), and your personal traits (more or less traits that highlight your work ethic i.e reliable, hardworking, punctual etc). Go ahead and choose the top skills from each column that match the employer’s  requirements for the position and back them up with specific examples from your own history to demonstrate why you believe it to be a strength.

Now, the weakness. This is very tricky and you will read that there are a lot of ways to go around this question, but through my experience, being a recruiter for a living, I find that the best way to answer this is to focus on the positive and not the negative. What does that mean? Well, first it means to self-reflect on what you have once considered a weakness and how you overcame it. Was shyness a weakness? Public speaking? Turn it into a positive. For example, you can say “Being organized wasn’t my strongest point, but I implemented a time management system that really helped my organizational skills,” or “I’ve learned to make my perfectionism work to my advantage. I have become proficient at meeting deadlines, and with my attention to detail, I know my work is accurate.” See, negative to positive.

3. Why do you want to work for us? This question is designed to uncover your real intent on why you want this position. They are thinking, “Does this person know us? Do they share our core values or are they just looking for a job?” The best way to prepare for this question is to research the company and learn about their mission, goals, and values.  When answering, you want to let the interviewer know that you’ve done your research and you also tie your own goals to the company’s goals. Here’s an example: “I am attracted to your culture and your company’s focus on team-based product development. I have often chafed at the constraints on traditional product development methodology, and I’m avid to learn more.”

4. Why did you leave your last job/are looking to leave? This question is also tricky because they want to know if you got along with your previous employer, did you leave on good terms or bad, does this candidate bad-mouth their previous employer, or what does that tell us about this person’s loyalty and respect for business? So the best way to answer this is to follow the # 1 rule: Never speak negatively or poorly about your previous or current employer.  Being negative will reflect poorly on you and your job. Plus, industries can be very small; you never know who knows whom. Depending on your current situation, here are a couple of examples: “To be honest, I wasn’t considering a change, but a former colleague recommended this job to me and was intrigued by the position and the company. It sounds like an exciting opportunity and an ideal match for my qualifications.” Or “I am interested in a new challenge and an opportunity to use my skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past.”

5. Do you have any questions for me? Last, but definitely not least, are follow-up questions. This is actually a very pivotal part of the interview because it is designed to test your listening and communication skills, how much you have prepared for the interview, and how passionate are you about the position and company. Talk about pressure! Fear not because I am here to give you the most honest and best practice advice for this question which is – always have questions. I’ve listed some of the best questions I often tell candidates when prepping them for interviews:

  • In your opinion, what is required for success in this position?
  • What are the expectations of the person to whom I would report?
  • What kind of person are you looking for to fill this position?
  • What are the priorities of the position?

Well, there you have it. Remember to always practice your answers out loud and role play with a friend/family member, or even in front of the mirror. Good Luck!

Marisol joined Northwell Health in 2013 and brought with her over 15 years of recruiting experience. Her experience spans in sales, business development, social networking and full cycle recruiting. She is very passionate about recruiting and career counseling and is always open to connecting with people so she can understand their needs, and then recommend different solutions that best fit their career goals. She prides herself on being accessible at all times with any questions, advice, and guidance for your career goals.

purple-triangleConnect with Marisol on LinkedIn

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Healthcare Management Program Interns Take On NYC


Healthcare Management Program Interns Take On NYC

At Northwell Health it’s not a normal 9-5, so that’s why we gave our 26 Healthcare Management Program (HMP) interns an opportunity to take a break from their day-to-day work and projects, and experience New York City through an educational experience with a team building and critical thinking twist.

NYC-city-hall-HMPFirst, they started at City Hall with a tour exploring New York City’s culture since over 50% of our HMP interns live outside New York State. What better way to experience that than starting from the beginning with George Washington?

After the tour, they sat down with Deborah Brown, Chief Health Strategy and Innovation Officer for the NYC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services to talk about the ever-changing landscape of health care and how the government is helping to cultivate plans for value-based care and population health, insurance reimbursement and more. Ms. Brown also shared her career journey in law that led to her current role in the governor’s office and opened the floor for a Q&A session with the interns.

With a quick trip on the subway, our interns went to Lenox Health Greenwich Village (LHGV), Northwell Health’s free-standing emergency department, which is a division of Lenox Hill Hospital. Receiving a personalized tour from Alex Hellinger, Executive Director at LHGV, the interns were provided an overview of the history of health care delivery in this community and the successes and challenges faced by Northwell Health over the last several years. They also were given a preview of the new operating room suites and physician offices currently being built at the site.

hmp-group shot

Last activity of the day, a surprise scavenger hunt in Greenwich Village park. Each team had to find a way to take unique pictures working together, thinking creatively, how to solve the tasks at hand. From getting a tattoo (not a real one.. or maybe?), treating someone in uniform with respect to somehow doubling your team size, the teams put their heads together to solve the mission at hand. The scavenger hunt reinforced Northwell Health’s company values of Truly Compassionate, Truly Innovative, Truly Ambitious, Truly Together and Truly Ourselves. One team came out victorious, receiving the most points for their creative pictures and earned gold medals for their triumph.

Although this was a fun day, these 26 individuals are hard at work at over 12 hospitals and service lines, taking on projects like reviewing financials for new hospital units, determining the most effective way to reduce readmission rates in population health, researching new tools in telehealth to implement, preparing for our annual philanthropy Foundation concert and more. The day after their teambuilding session, they were back to work where some of the HMP interns had the opportunity to take a selfie with our President and CEO, Michael J. Dowling during a session with Senator Elaine Phillips where she thanked thank our nurses for all they do in delivering care and to present Maureen White, chief nursing executive, with a state proclamation.

purple-triangleDoes this sound like something you’re made for? Learn more and sign up for notifications about next summer’s program here.

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We’re looking for stars to come out at night


We’re looking for stars to come out at night

The Top Ten Reasons to Work Nights

If you’re a nurse looking to hone your skills, get a unique educational experience, or just get your career off to a start in an environment where you can get extra support and guidance, working nights could be the wake up call you need. We asked our own nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital their favorite reasons for working the night shift, and here are the top ten:

#1 – Get in your zone.

For many nurses, the night shift provides an ideal setting for focusing on delivering exceptional care.

#2 – Cut the red tape.

Because your patients are likely to remain throughout your shift, you’ll enjoy more patient work and less paperwork.

#3 – We’ll show you the money.

With generous shift differentials for working nights, nurses are rewarded for taking on this important role.

#4 – Get your career off to a great start.

Night shifts are a great way to start your career. There’s no better environment for the hands-on opportunities you’re looking for when getting to know your unit, the doctors and the overall processes.

#5 – Reduce the chaos.

With more stability during the night shift, there’s less relocating of patients, reducing the physical tasks associated with it. Whether or not you are new to a unit, you’ll appreciate the change of pace.

#6 – Want great leadership? We have you covered.

Our excellent leadership coverage on night shifts provides the support and guidance our nurses need to be at their best.

#7 – Our team really comes together at night.

We have many activities and initiatives to keep our team engaged at night, like our town hall meetings, nurse council and nightly huddles.

#8 – Welcome to night school.

We have nurse educators specifically for the night shift. This is unique among hospital systems, and is an especially beneficial resource for new grads or nurses who are new to the unit.

#9 – Improve your balance.

Working night shifts can help you achieve a better work-life balance and spend time with your family.

#10 – Take a chill pill.

Even with less chaos and bureaucracy, there will still be times when you’ll appreciate such stress relief activities as our spa nights.

So, think the night shift might be made for you? If so, you might be Made for this!