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We’re delivering on the promise of new life – and amazing careers

At Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s Maternal Child Services division, we give our all to make sure babies get a healthy and happy start. In addition to delivering 9,000 babies a year, we provide them and their mothers with the finest care possible. Our determination to care for our mothers and babies runs through everything we do, and we’re proving it by committing to being designated “Baby-Friendly.” This prestigious recognition means that we provide a level of care that enables optimal infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

What does that mean for our RNs? It means breaking with convention.

“It’s an exciting time to be a nurse at LIJ. We’re on the journey to become a designated Baby-Friendly hospital. The journey is challenging, but well worth it!”

–Maureen McCormick, RN-C, BSN, IBCLC, Lactation Coordinator

Becoming Baby-Friendly involves a lot of work, implementing evidence-based best practices, and a commitment to excellence. That’s why we are looking for RNs who are passionate about furthering their education and expertise, including by becoming Certified Breastfeeding Counselors. We also offer certification classes in Electronic Fetal Monitoring and Maternal Newborn Nursing, and exams onsite. “It takes a special person to work with mothers and babies,” adds Maureen. “It’s a totally different type of nursing.”

When nurses are looking to get involved in our efforts to drive change and implement the latest evidence-based practices, the OB division has many councils and committees to choose from such as our monthly Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Core Group. In this group nurses gain awareness of the changes we are looking to make and are able to provide valuable input. Nursing staff who are interested in the initiative may become Champions and they bring information back to the units and also assist with hands-on training.

We’re committed to involving our nursing staff in any changes made throughout the division — together, we’re delivering health care of the future.

“To be a successful maternity nurse, you need to be dedicated, caring, compassionate, ambitious, eager to learn, able to multitask and a team player.”

–Kathy Devlin, RN, BSN, Interim Director of Patient Care Services, OB Division

Providing evidence-based care is not always easy. It means adapting to new policies, new procedures, and being willing to help change the culture. We want nurses who are willing to be challenged so that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care to our mothers and babies.

“Our OB division is very large and diverse. We excel at supporting teamwork, growth opportunities, continuing education and exceeding patient expectations.”

–Kathy Devlin

Are you made for coming out of your comfort zone and looking to take your nursing education a step further? Register for our Maternal Child Nursing Interview Day on Thursday, August 3.