South Oaks Hospital, a proud member of Northwell Health, has not only continued to have a long term reputation for compassionate care for their patients, but for their employees as well. Hear from Colby Povill, Nurse Manager, about how she can only see the good that comes from psychiatric nursing and from working in an environment that encourages every employee. 

“South Oaks Hospital has afforded me the opportunity to develop and grow over the past eight years.  I started as a float RN, and I was offered opportunities to work in all service areas, and to cover as our second ECT nurse.  As South Oaks leadership saw potential in me, I was promoted to an inpatient charge nurse, and was later given a position as the Charge of the Adolescent Partial Program.  While in this position, I started working towards my MSN, and when a management position opened up, leadership again saw potential in me and gave me the chance to develop as a nursing leader.  I have been a manager for the past three years, starting in the Child & Adolescent service area, and more recently transitioning into Adult services.  Due to my experience, I believe that leadership here at South Oaks recognizes its employees’ goals and strengths, and offers constant opportunity for development and growth. 

What I have found throughout my years here is that every position is an invaluable experience, and every patient population offers opportunities to learn. Psychiatric nursing not only offers a wealth of diverse experiences, but it is also constantly evolving. I also learned that psychiatric nursing is one of the only specialty areas that truly focuses on the patient-to-nurse relationship such as, recovery and wellness  which always depend upon our contentedness with our patients. The professionals who succeed in psychiatry are truly the most selfless and infinitely patient people that one could ever know.  Working among such individuals has been a truly rewarding experience and has made South Oaks my second home. 

South Oaks Hospital is a place not only to develop professionally, but to also grow personally.  The sky is the limit, and the challenges offered here can teach you a great deal about psychiatry, mental health, and people in general – as well as a great deal about yourself, and your own potential.  If psychiatry is something that fascinates and calls to you, I can’t imagine a better place for you to work.”

Colby P circularWritten by: Colby Povill 

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