Made for this™ – our employee promise

By Elaine Page, Chief People Innovation Officer

Why did we develop our employee promise?

Our employee promise defines our experience as employees. We wanted to be able to truly articulate who we are and what we do. It’s what you get, for what you put in. In other words, it’s the deal. Made for this defines what our “best days” look like, so we can create more of them for everyone, every day.

We wanted to be able to differentiate our culture and describe what sets us apart – in health care and beyond. This is extremely important because every single person, regardless of their position or the facility that they work at – is truly a part of what makes us special.

Our employee promise will give us a competitive edge – not only will it help us develop, motivate and retain the great people we already have working in the organization, we’ll be able to use it to attract the best new people.


Our journey to create our employee promise

We created an employee promise that proudly and authentically expresses our culture. 2000 employees in 74 sessions— from across various roles and facilities — shared their experience of what it was really like to work here —and didn’t hold back. Their voices were powerful, meaningful and true and their conclusion was clear: being made for this is what sets us apart. Made for this is how we define the Northwell Health difference.

Thanks to their honesty, we now have an incredible employee promise to be proud of. Made by our people, for our people.


Our team members described what a great day looked like and what a challenging day looked like. They said that when they look at their overall experience of Northwell Health, the good times outweigh the tough times. The “best days” outweigh the worst. But, we all want more “best days.”


Made for this – for our people, by our people

We all own the culture of Northwell Health and our experience at work as employees and we believe the culture is ours to shape.

Our team members bring individuality to how we care for people – our patients, community, and each other. We’re not like everyone else….we’re unique and our promise celebrates that. Our reality is powerful, emotional, hard, funny and wonderful, all at the same time. And that’s OK. Because we are a part of something great – we’re made for this.

Are YOU made for Northwell Health?

By creating an employee promise we’re now able to hire the best industry talent that perfectly fit within our culture. We’re flexible, hardworking and not afraid to push boundaries. If you think you’re made for this, check out a role with us – we’d love to welcome you to our Northwell Health family.

blue-triangle Find out more about our employee promise here.

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  1. Tracey Pascarella says:

    I agree with Michael Dowling, wholeheartedly!
    Northwell has innovative and interactive ideas for employees engagement. For such a large company, I believe there is small town feel to each of the facilities. Employees are engaged and that spirit has the trickle down effect as evidenced by the smiles and satisfaction of our patients and their families!


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