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Redefining health care with advanced IT

It’s amazing what a difference a day can make. IT professional Amrit Singh found that out last year when he attended the Northwell Health IT Virtual Career Fair.

At the Virtual Career Fair, Amrit visited a variety of virtual “booths” that enabled him to explore opportunities in data security, IT infrastructure, project management, clinical informatics, medical informatics and more. When he discovered the area that aligned with his skills and experience, he was able to speak directly with Northwell Health IT staff and even secured an interview.

“The opportunity to talk to recruiters and be in contact with management was great”, Amrit explains. “I really liked the fact that I could speak directly to hiring managers.”

Following the IT Virtual Career Fair, Amrit was offered the opportunity to join our IT team as an IT Project Administrator for the Office of the CIO. He’s contributing his expertise to an impressive group of more than 1,500 skilled professionals who are implementing and supporting advanced clinical and technological systems to help one of the nation’s largest and most forward-thinking healthcare organizations redefine care.

Specifically, he’s just taken on a new role that gives him the opportunity to make a significant impact on our system through the application of his advanced IT knowledge. “I just finished up a project with the site CIO team to create a report that can be pulled from our PRISM system,” says Amrit. “It allows visibility as to when projects are going live at specific sites.”

Amrit took on this new role because of the great potential for growth and fulfillment it offered.

“I enjoy everything I do with my current position because I am constantly learning in the role,” Amrit tells us. “Since I started, I have gained so much hands-on experience that I can take with me in the future. Northwell Health has always embodied putting their patients first which is what draws me to the organization.”

We’re holding another IT Virtual Career Fair on September 27th ! Interested in seeing what you can accomplish as part of this innovative team? Amrit encourages you to come to the Virtual Career Fair and get in front of Northwell Health’s IT decision makers. “Make sure you are to the point,” Amrit advises. “Many people attend the Virtual Career Fair, and sometimes hiring managers or recruiters are just looking for what you want to do.”

So take the first step on your next professional journey at the Northwell Health IT Virtual Career Fair. As Amrit says, “If you want to see how far a simple chat can take you, come to the Virtual Career Fair. You could end up being one of the people working in this organization at the forefront of healthcare change and patient health.”

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