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An appointment with: Mike Eller, AVP, Laboratories

Photo: Mike Eller, AVP, Laboratories is pictured on the far right. 

Photo: Mike Eller, AVP, Laboratories is pictured on the far right. 

An appointment with: Mike Eller, AVP, Laboratories

Northwell Health maintains the preeminent laboratory system in New York. With a state-of-the-art Central Lab and 15 hospital-based labs, we perform 27,000,000 tests per year. The lab system is also known for its innovative technology (including the first fully robotic lab systems in the country) and exceptional growth opportunities with the construction of a new 110,000 sq. ft. general laboratory and state-of-the-art, 40,000 sq. ft. microbiology laboratory. Mike Eller, AVP, Laboratories is driving much of this exciting growth. Get to know Mike and his vision for lab leadership!

How did you get into Laboratory Administration?

It was more of a career evolution. I started working in a lab, but as I learned about all the opportunities available, I decided to become more well rounded. I learned about sales by being a sales rep at Core Labs. I learned about finance and the business by working with Bob Stallone, our VP of Labs. I learned about how small, medium and large tertiary hospitals work by becoming administrative director of four of our hospital labs. I learned about project management by running projects and getting my Project Management Certification.

How did you know Northwell Health was the right career destination for you?

Northwell Health is the major player in the region. I wanted to be part of something big and I am amazed at how the system continues to grow. I can make a difference because I have been given that freedom to be innovative, take risks and move out of my comfort zone into new areas, new experiences and new ways to deliver care.

What would you tell someone who is just starting their career in this field?

Be the best at what you are doing, whether you’re a lab tech, accountant, environmental worker, nurse, client services, billing rep, etc. Be the best at whatever you do and this will lead to the next challenge. Then, be the best at that.

What characteristics make a great leader at Northwell Health?

A great leader creates and communicates the vision to the organization. Great leaders surround themselves with great people because they know they can’t be successful alone.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to move into leadership?

Get to know the leaders you admire and respect and let them know where you want to be. You must show interest or you will be overlooked! If you show interest and have the ability, you will get noticed and excel.

How does Northwell Health encourage its employees to progress in their fields?

It’s important to be able to follow a clear map so you know where to go and the steps it takes to get there. Northwell Health Labs has formal career ladders to guide staff and help them reach their goals.

What would you tell an employee who is interested in being a mentor?

If you’re a mentor, be a resource, a teacher and a guide. Do not try to change the person. Let them be who they are and put their own creativity and spin on it. The role of a mentor is to be a guide and resource and help make a better leader than you were. That’s the goal – I want to help someone be better than me.

What exciting developments are happening at Northwell Health’s labs?

For me, it’s the opening of our new Labs at the Center for Advanced Medicine and Little Neck. These two new state of the art labs will be a combined 140,000 square feet. It is a culmination of our growth over the last 20 years. It gives us the ability to perform 5-6 times our current volume.

What can someone expect working at one of the nation’s largest laboratory systems, that they won’t find anywhere else?

When you combine our size with our culture of innovation and excellence, you’ll find opportunity that you can’t find anywhere else. If you have talent, drive and the desire to succeed, you will be successful here.

What’s the single biggest reason to work at Northwell Health labs?

You will be part of the best, most forward thinking health system lab in the country. You will get out of the “basement” and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to change behavior of patients and providers to improve care and reduce cost.

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At Northwell Health our laboratory professionals push boundaries to go that extra mile.

Northwell Health Header

At Northwell Health our laboratory professionals push boundaries to go that extra mile.

“Northwell Health has the best laboratory teams in the state of New York. They provide you with lots of opportunities to flourish and grow.”

–Munazza Naseem, Pathologist Assistant, Northwell Health Laboratories

Northwell Health leads with innovation and breaks with convention. We continually look to advance our laboratories. The greatest component of delivering exceptional laboratory services begins with our employees.  We will provide you with the opportunity to spread your wings and define your healthcare career.

During Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, we honor those whose clinical expertise and compassionate commitment to excellence drive our exceptional care forward. Our people are inspired by the knowledge that behind every test and every procedure is a person who deserves our best at all times.

Throughout the week, we’re showing appreciation for our medical laboratory professionals with hot breakfast buffets, ice cream, games, and more. Our employees also celebrate by finding unique ways to give back to the community through events like a charity ZUMBA class and paint nights. To add an extra element of fun during this special week, employees wear their favorite team jerseys. These are just some ways that we are recognizing the contributions and impact that laboratory professionals have at Northwell Health.

Northwell Health is where the talent, expertise and knowledge of our laboratory professionals impacts our patients’ lives and contributes significantly to improving healthcare outcomes. Soon, we’ll make an even greater impact on our patient care. By 2018, our centralized laboratory we will be the largest hospital-based integrated laboratory in the country performing over 55 million lab tests annually. This translates into tremendous growth opportunities.

“When you work in a Northwell Health laboratory, you know you are connected with other lab professionals who are there to help one another.”

–Young Choi, Lead Medical Technologist, Lenox Hill Greenwich Village

“Northwell Health gives me endless opportunities to expand and improve upon my skills, abilities and knowledge that I can then use to benefit the patients and communities we serve.”

–John Shao, Medical Technologist, Northern Westchester Hospital

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We know the value of providing our employees with the right culture to develop their professional goals.

Northwell Health Header

We know the value of providing our employees with the right culture to develop their professional goals.

When it comes to your career, the right work environment is what makes the difference.

Make a difference, behind the scenes.

As a laboratory professional, you know that your contributions matter. Northwell Health is a healthcare provider that strives to enhance quality patient outcomes by continually assessing how health care is provided. The vision of our laboratory service line is exactly how we achieve our mission and goals.

Your expertise and knowledge will touch our patients’ lives and contribute significantly to our integrated healthcare team. By 2018, we will be the largest hospital-based integrated laboratory in the country performing over 55 million lab tests annually.

“Every specimen is a life to us. So even though we’re behind the scenes, everyone in the lab is valued as a highly skilled, dedicated member of the healthcare team.”

— Donna Manchisi, Director of Lab Marketing and Education

Advance your career, your way.

At Northwell Health, we are committed to helping our employees define and pursue the career path that is right for them. If you have a passion for management, we’ll provide the resources and support to help get you there.

If you want to remain in a hands-on technology role, we will provide you with the continuing education you need to enhance your skills.

We have the opportunity, and with a growth rate of 20% per year, the question isn’t how you’ll grow, it’s when will you start.

Come and join our team. Experience it for yourself.

Laboratory Professionals Interview Day – May 4

Join us and explore a wide range of opportunities, including:

  • Blood Bank Technologists
  • Laboratory Lead Technologists
  • Laboratory Technologists
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Laboratory Supervisors

With 16 hospital labs and our centralized state-of-the art laboratory, we have positions on Long Island, the five boroughs and Westchester – your career is calling.

What do you need to be successful?

To succeed as a laboratory professional at Northwell Health, you need passion, drive and the ability to see the bigger picture. Our standards are high, for patient care, and for the employees who justify our mission. You have to be able to multitask and be extremely organized and detail-oriented. You must be a strong team player, but also able to work independently.

“We’re looking for people with passion, people who go above and beyond while always putting the patient first. We want people who understand that there’s a person on the other side of the tube.”

–Michael Eller, Assistant Vice President, Planning & Project Management, Northwell Health Laboratories

Enjoy an exceptional culture to advance your laboratory career at Northwell Health. Come to our Interview Day on May 4. Find out more.