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Northwell is proud to announce the launch of The Management Accelerator and the Executive Leadership Program in partnership with McKinsey and Company

Northwell is proud to announce the launch of The Management Accelerator and the Executive Leadership Program in partnership with McKinsey and Company, which is designed to support the advancement of diverse leaders within an organization. More than 60 Northwell leaders will take part in a six-month mentorship program that will help them hone their leadership capabilities and management skills through expert coaching in support of achieving their C-suite professional aspirations.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Well-being at Northwell Health

Every year, Northwell team members can rely on tried and true employee wellness programs and they can trust in the implementation of new initiatives designed to create a happy, safe, and healthy work environment. Our well-being programs aren’t meant to be checked at the door when employees finish their shifts; many of the resources and activities are devised with employees and their families in mind.

La’Dreamer Lark, Patient Access Service Representative and Community Captain

Imagine seeing yourself and your daughter on the jumbotron screen at Madison Square Garden? That is what happened for La’Dreamer Lark this fall when she was invited to Essential Workers Night presented by Northwell Health and named this year’s “Community Captain” in honor of the nonprofit she and her daughter founded. It would be a memorable moment to say the least and in La’Dreamer Lark’s own words, “it was life changing.”

Northwell Community: How our VALOR BERG helps veterans reintegrate into the civilian workplace

In our latest Northwell Community series video, WPIX’s Mr. G discusses the impact of Northwell’s VALOR BERG (business employee resource group) on the veteran community and their families with team members Victoria Hagemann, MSW, social worker at Zucker Hillside Hospital and Craig Washington, director of distribution operations at Northwell Health.

Northwell Community: Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

As always, Northwell levels up when it comes to standards for having a positive work environment. With business employee resource groups (BERGs) like N-ABLE, our organization aims to remain open to learning about best practices so that all voices are heard and so that the workplace is a space conducive to making everyone feel like they are encouraged to be truly themselves.

A Career in Care Management at Northwell Means a Fulfilling Role with Endless Room for Growth

Impacting community health requires a combination of compassionate employees dedicated to helping people and a health system committed to keeping the “care” in healthcare—and that’s the case with the Northwell Health Solutions team. This commitment from a health system alone may be what some candidates expect when seeking a career in health care, but as Jessica and Alexis quickly learned, at Northwell you’ll also raise your career expectations.

Health and Wellness Isn’t Just about Our Patients: It’s about Our Team Members, Too

We spoke with Michael H. Goldberg, executive director at Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC), about his dedication to making wellness a top priority for employees at LIJMC and all of Northwell Health. Michael’s healthy initiatives have had a real impact throughout the health system — and with tens of thousands of followers on social media, Michael has inspired people far beyond the walls of LIJMC with his passion for healthy living at home and at work.

Careers in Pharmacy at Northwell, Raise Health and Your Career Expectations

A career in pharmacy at Northwell Health means having several opportunities to make an impact on the wellbeing of our communities. As a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®, Northwell offers competitive benefits such as tuition reimbursement and educational advancement classes through the Center for Learning and Innovation. We took the liberty of highlighting the various pharmacy specialties for you below to jump start your exploration for a career well cared for.

Northwell Celebrates: When a simple thank you isn’t enough

A simple thank you wasn’t enough. Northwell wanted to celebrate and thank all employees for their courage, determination and dedication throughout the pandemic and every day. Northwell Celebrates was launched as a multi-faceted token of appreciation. It is a series of events, activities and experiences curated for the enjoyment of employees and their families all summer long.

Working as a Home Health Aide at Northwell Health, Where Compassion Meets a Rewarding Career

A career as a home health aide is multi-faceted. Never a dull moment as you coordinate patient care with a team of nurses. Each unique patient comes with their own care plan and needs, and Northwell provides the training to meet those needs and assist the patient on a path to better health. “The RN who taught the course was a great instructor who answered all of our questions. I learned about patient care, safety, HIPPA compliance, and received many other home care instructions that prepared me for my role,” Jeanette says. When asked about the training course, Sandra Chin added, “The course is three weeks long, but very informative, and one of the best things is that I met some wonderful people.”

From nursing assistant to public relations, Angela Mandelos grew her career in unexpected ways at Northwell Health

When asked what inspired her to grow her career at Northwell, Angela explains, “My years as a nursing assistant provided me with firsthand knowledge of patients’ experiences, and the day-to-day efforts of frontline heroes. Those moments inspired me to keep pushing myself to be their voice and to help create an environment that brings smiles to all.”

Inspired by the Support from Northwell, Our Northwell Health Nurse Choir Aims to Inspire America

Seeing the Northwell Health Nurse Choir on America’s Got Talent reinforces what so many Northwell employees believe: Northwell is a place that is open to our endeavors be they personal or professional.
These nurses did not know each other prior to forming the choir but found it easy to make a connection through the power of music and a common passion for nursing at Northwell. Joining their voices from across the health system, the Northwell Health Nurse Choir aimed to inspire America – and they have!