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Helping patients take the next step: Discover the Clinical Coordination Center

The continuum of care is incredibly broad, and for patients looking to navigate this alone, the process can at times become overwhelming. That’s why at Northwell Health we created the Clinical Coordination Center, which takes patient referrals from our physicians and helps them discover what the next step should be in their path toward better health.

When you’re Truly Ambitious, you don’t let anything stand in your way

What makes a great leader? To some, tenacity. To others, grit. To others, a vision. At Northwell Health, we believe that what makes a great leader isn’t necessarily one specific trait, it’s the culmination of all of these ideals with time, experience and determination. Which is why our recent panel highlighting some of our most ambitious female leaders, was so uniquely inspiring.

10 Reasons to Work the Night Shift at Southside Hospital

At Northwell Health, our nurses are fast moving, hard working and most importantly, they’re family. Nowhere is this truer than among the amazing team of dedicated nurses who work the night shift at Southside Hospital. Need a reason to consider working the night shift with this team? Our RNs gave us 10!

Black History Month: My Role as a Leader at Northwell

At Northwell, we are Truly Ourselves and we stand united, proud and respectful, always celebrating our differences, together. February is Black History Month, and we sat down with some of our leaders to learn about their history, their dreams, and their career aspirations. With an ever-changing health care landscape, their leadership is critical to our organization’s success because of their unique backgrounds. Check it out.