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Northwell Ventures Presents: Gauss Surgical is Truly Innovating the OR

Gauss’s flagship product, Triton, uses digital imaging and machine learning to monitor blood loss during surgery in real time, all on an easy-to-use iPad. This is Truly Innovative technology for any surgical patient, but it makes a real difference to maternal health care, a specialty in which complications have wildly increased in the U.S in the last 15 years. Learn more in our latest Ventures blog.

Meet the ‘Unsung Heroes’ of the Northwell Health Surgical Team

When it comes to a major medical procedure, everyone involved is a crucial component in making sure the surgery is a success. Sure, the doctors and nurses are often the figureheads of these difficult procedures, but within the PeriOperative field, Sterile Processing Technicians are often the “unsung heroes” who deliver key support before, during and after surgical procedures.

Northwell Ventures Presents: The healing power of conversation.

The Conversa Conversation PlatformTM is designed to dramatically improve the patient-caregiver relationship by automating much of the patient engagement process. It changes how patients and care teams communicate around key health experiences like chronic condition management, post-discharge, pre- and post-surgery, patient education, medication adherence, scheduling appointments, and lifestyle health coaching. Learn more.

Bringing culinary excellence and nutrition to the health care table

Under the bold and delicious vision of Northwell Health’s VP of System Food Services Corporate Michelin Chef, Bruno Tison, the recipe for hospital food as you once knew it has changed. Michelin Chef Tison, along with other award-winning Michelin chefs like Andrew Cain, is helping Northwell Health redefine the culinary experience for patients, their families, and Northwell employees.