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Looking for the perfect career destination? You’ll wish you were here!

Looking for the perfect career destination? You’ll wish you were here!

Get ready to pack your bags – or at least your resume. Here are ten great reasons for making the move and joining us at Peconic Bay Medical Center (PBMC).

#1 – Big hospital advantages. Small hospital feel.

We’re a 182-bed acute-care hospital and designated stroke center, and though we’re a regional medical center, we have a strong community focus. Our working environment is close-knit and teammates are more like family.

#2 – A community that will embrace you.

Peconic Bay Medical Center is the area’s trusted source for quality care. We have employees who were actually born here and grew up in the community. But no matter where you’re from, this is a place where you’ll be immediately welcomed. That means you’ll be able to offer a full continuum of care to your friends and neighbors.

“I became a nurse because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I was lucky enough to be able to do that for the people who mean the most to me, right here where I grew up. But even if you weren’t born here, you’ll be able to enjoy that connection to your work through patients and staff .”

 –Cindy Anderson, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager

#3 – We’re going somewhere fast.

We never settle and are always moving forward. Our award-winning Kanas Center for Advanced Surgery is home to the da Vinci Surgical Robotics Program. PBMC also features Centers of Excellence in Bariatrics and Joint Replacement and is a recipient of the prestigious Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for Total Joint Replacement for Hip and Knee.

“Nursing care is exceptional. Everything we do is focused on patient care. We’re never complacent, it’s never business as usual.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#4 – Getting here is half the fun.

As beautiful as our location is, the commute here makes it even more attractive. It’s an easy and peaceful commute, through picturesque countryside.

“Eastern Long Island is kind of like another world – but one you don’t have to go too far to reach.”

 –Amy Loeb, Chief Nursing Officer

#5 – Technology to write home about.

When it comes to our clinical capabilities, we refuse to compromise. This includes a brand new, state-of-the-art cardiac cath lab and electrophysiology lab, advanced OR robotics and innovative technology throughout.

“We have the latest equipment. Things we’d have to transfer patients for in the past, we get to help them right here and now. We don’t lose critical time.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#6 – A nice place to visit. An even better place to live.

Although it’s just a short trip to the energy and excitement of New York City, the serene beauty of eastern Long Island makes you feel as if you’re a million miles away, except there’s plenty to do. Enjoy a relaxing day among vineyards and wineries. Explore unique boutiques and shops. Sample delicious cuisine at one of the wonderful bistros and restaurants. Or just relax as you take in the sites

Most of my life I’ve been a Long Islander, it’s a wonderful area – world class beaches, culture, fine arts, great climate.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#7 – Never a dull moment.

With approximately 30,000 emergency visits each year, we have the busiest ED on the east end of Long Island. This translates into a dynamic and fast-paced environment in all of the areas of our hospital.

#8 – Happy employees.

At Peconic Bay Medical Center, we promote an environment where our people are valued, their skills are advanced, their knowledge is expanded and their ideas are respected. This keeps us inspired, involved and engaged. Our long-term satisfaction proves it!

#9 – You learn something new every day!

Continual professional development is a priority for us. We have a “Back 2 School” program where the hospital supports cohorts of nurses going back to school. We also offer a wide variety of educational resources, including the most advanced simulation center on Long Island.

#10 – It’s the place to grow!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to join Peconic Bay Medical Center. But the best one is that we’re just getting started with plans to grow our beautiful facilities and expand our capabilities. Right now, we’ve got great nursing opportunities to join us in these areas:

Need even more reasons to join us at Peconic Bay Medical Center? Find out more.

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Transitional and Complex Care Nursing: unique skills for exceptional situations

Transitional and Complex Care Nursing: unique skills for exceptional situations

Northwell Health Solutions is enhancing patient care while improving the overall health and wellness of the communities we serve.

We focus our resources to empower patients, families and providers so that together they can ultimately achieve improved patient outcomes. In this work we safely transition patients from hospital to home and empower patients with chronic and complicated medical conditions to make the best health care decisions for themselves. Our services don’t end at the hospital doors, but rather, they extend into the homes of our patients and the communities we serve. Caring runs through everything we do.

Helping patients return home.

Transitional Care involves decisions and actions that enable patients to make the transition from an inpatient setting to the comforts of home. This includes medication reconciliation, discharge instruction review, scheduling appointments with PCPs and specialists and resource coordination. In many ways, this is very different from traditional nursing roles. It involves a great deal of one-to-one patient engagement, in person and on the phone. The nurses who take on this role must be comfortable working within each patient’s specific home environment – from houses and apartments to group homes and assisted living communities.

“In addition to their clinical skills, the best nurses for transitional care will possess a lot of qualities you just can’t teach, such as tremendous warmth, hospitality and the ability to encourage patients to buy into the program.”

–Dr. Zenobia Brown, Medical Director, Northwell Health Solutions

Helping patients stay healthy, after care.

Complex Care involves the care of high-risk patients in our practices and communities. It means working with patients to promote healthy living, so that hospitalization doesn’t become necessary. Each personal nurse care manager provides a full health risk assessment (HRA), individualized care plan and ongoing support.

Our employees serve the needs of our patients in the community, working to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Our nurses work within a variety of practice settings and geographic areas to provide face-to-face as well as phone contact with our patients. This role requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, and feeling comfortable on the go in a changing environment.

“To work in Complex Care, you must be self directed, outgoing, proactive and possess strong time management skills in order to cover a multitude of practices. We’re looking to you to build great relationships with providers, patients, staff and family.”

–Mary DiCostanzo, ‎AVP, Complex Care Management, Northwell Health Solutions

Are you Made for this?

Northwell Health Solutions is helping define a new model of caring, one that is uniquely focused on helping people recover and maintain their health and wellness, outside the traditional hospital setting. With our strong, consistent growth, we have amazing opportunities for ongoing development, in a unique career path. But it’s not a career path made for just anyone. We’re looking for nurses who work hard and aren’t afraid to push boundaries to go the extra mile. If you think you’re made for caring for our patients and communities, you might be Made for this.

Join our talent community to explore career opportunities with Northwell Health Solutions!

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You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

There’s something about working as an emergency department nurse that sets you apart from the crowd.

…you like your pace fast.

If your work shoes are track shoes, you might be an ED nurse. Let’s face it, you’re fueled by adrenaline and action and life in the ED is the only thing that will quench your thirst for excitement.

“It is a huge challenge to balance the demands of the ER with the organized chaos.  It takes a very special person to succeed here.”

 –Diana Giacomino, RN

…you know variety is the spice of life.

And you like it extra spicy. Habanero spicy. Every day is different in the ED. Every moment brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to be your best. That’s what you’re made for.

“Every day is different. It’s not made for everyone. It’s unique because you become a master in all fields.”

  — Andrew Wong, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CCRN-K, Emergency Department Staff Educator

…you’re a team player.

As good as you are, you know it takes an exceptional team to make miracles happen. You wouldn’t have it any other way.  Fortunately, you’ll be surrounded by the best people in the business, including physicians who are consistently named among New York’s best by New York Magazine.

…you adapt at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to handling constant changes in a dynamic setting, you’re a human chameleon. You think fast, act fast and can change fast to suit every situation.

“What’s unique about being an emergency nurse is the constant need to reassess and reevaluate your situation and the situation of your patients–in a moment’s notice.”

–Matthew Hadley, BSN, RN

…you’re always looking for the next challenge.

You never settle and you’re never satisfied. If you even had laurels, you wouldn’t rest on them. You’re inspired to always go further and reach higher in your career.

“I chose emergency nursing because I knew it was a field that would constantly challenge me.”

–Sabina Monosova, BSN, RN

Make your move.

Now that we’ve established that you’re made for a great career in the ED, come to our ED Nursing Interview Week during the week of August 28th. You’ll get to learn all about the opportunities available throughout our 22-hospital system.  Find out more here.

Think emergency nursing at Northwell Health is right for you? Attend our upcoming ED event or apply to our open jobs.

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We’re made for helping others find their way.

We’re made for helping others find their way.

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, it doesn’t just take clinical knowledge and skill to do what we do. It takes a special spark, a unique passion for treating patients as the unique and valued individuals they are. We’re profoundly committed to the compassionate care of people suffering from a wide range of behavioral conditions and addictions. We’re also passionate about our leadership role in the field as we pursue new treatments and solutions for helping people through extremely difficult challenges.

“As co-chair for the Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research committee at Zucker, I’m focused on initiating practices to improve patient care and satisfaction.”

–Tara Shajan, RN

We’re excited to be able to share our knowledge and best practices with the behavioral health community at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s 31st Annual Conference this October in Phoenix, Arizona! We spoke with two of the nurses from Zucker Hillside Hospital who will present their findings at the conference, and here is a sneak peek at their research topics:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – Trish Woloszyn, RN

DBT is an evidence-based practice therapy created to help the many people suffering from borderline personality or impulse control issues. By uniting cognitive behavioral therapy with Buddhist meditative practices, it combines the best of our advanced knowledge with ancient wisdom. The treatment involves exercises in mindfulness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance and acceptance. Ours is the first inpatient adolescent unit in the country to incorporate this into practice. We’re seeing amazing results in terms of constant observation as well as a decrease in self-injurious and suicidal behavior. So far, we’ve sent eight core staff members from all disciplines for intensive DBT training. We’re continuing to have more staff trained, including nursing staff, so they can gain a greater understanding about the ways DBT can help our patients.

The Importance of Noise Control – Tara Shajan, RN

We weren’t  satisfied with our Press Ganey score for patient experience related to noise level. I led an initiative with our RNs and other staff to modify the practices on the unit to control the level of noise on the unit after 11 pm. The change in our mean score since the implementation of the new process has been remarkable – rising from 27 to 72 in just one year. This is a tremendous change. Essentially: Reducing noise level can contribute to improving quiet and therapeutic healing environment and thus enhance patient experience. With these changes, we have completed the goal of bringing up the satisfaction of the patients of the units during the night time. Since the initiative, the staff who would never paid attention to noise change are now aware of it and there is a big culture change . Patients are able to get a good night’s sleep. The improved Press Ganey patient satisfaction score is proof it’s working.

“We found that reducing noise level can improve the therapeutic healing environment and thus enhance patient experience.”

–Tara Shajan, RN

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, we are rejuvenating our nursing research and are committed to encouraging nurses like Trish and Tara to explore untapped possibilities and to discover new and better ways to deliver exceptional patient care. If you’re made for advancing your clinical practice, Zucker Hillside Hospital is made for you.

“The nursing department at Zucker Hillside Hospital has been very invested in promoting nursing research to all the nursing staff.”

— Trish Woloszyn, RN

Think you might be made for a career in Behavioral Health? Explore available careers here!

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Surgical care without compromise

Surgical care without compromise

If you refuse to settle, if you constantly push yourself to achieve more, if you want to work on the cutting edge of surgical nursing, a nursing career at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) is made for you. We’re a Level I trauma center, a destination surgical center for the region and a place where the most complex surgeries are an everyday thing.

  • We’re bringing together a team of top-notch clinical professionals
  • We’re constantly investing in state-of-the-art surgical technology
  • We’re growing fast and enhancing our extensive capabilities, including a new building that will house 18 brand new state-of-the-art operating rooms
  • We’re adding ORs with hybrid technology and new ICUs
  • We’re opening a world-class heart transplant center

In all we do, we’ll continue to deliver high quality care and we won’t stop pushing the envelope. We are making changes at a pace that no other hospital can keep up with, and we need the right people to make it happen.

“Miracles happen at North Shore.”

–Kelly Treacy, Associate Executive Director of Perioperative Services

The heart of incredible achievements.

One of our most exciting developments is the upcoming opening of our new heart transplant center.  “A life-saving heart transplant program at North Shore University Hospital will be a major resource for residents of Long Island, Queens and the outer boroughs,” said Alan Hartman, MD, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at Northwell Health. “This gives transplant patients access to high-quality care, closer to home.”

Facing challenges head on.

From transplants to all of our surgical services, outstanding people are what drive our exceptional care. They question assumptions, push boundaries and always put patients first. The result? An impressive array of awards and designations:

  • Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence as named by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • Named among the nation’s best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report for neurosurgery, heart surgery and GI surgery
  • Designated Academic Centers of Excellence for minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology and gynecology by the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery

“This is for people who are eager to learn and want to be part of something really incredible –which is the delivery of stellar patient care. It is so much more than a job, it’s a passion.”

— Kelly Treacy

Movers and shakers.

To help grow exceptional OR performers, we provide exceptional opportunities for continuous learning. We also offer general OR and Ambulatory OR fellowships. And with our commitment to promoting from within, you’ll enjoy exceptional career advancement possibilities. This is a place where career progression is not only encouraged, it’s expected. And we’ll give you every tool and opportunity you need to go as far as your ambition will take you – RN to BSN to MSN and more.

“The caliber of people we’ve brought on has been fantastic, including baccalaureate-prepared nurses (many who are in pursuit of a master’s degree).”

— Kelly Treacy

Take up the challenge.

The continued excellence of our surgical programs requires OR nurses with the skills and passion to rise to meet even the greatest surgical challenges. If this sounds like it was made for you, you can take that next step at our OR Nursing Interview Day on Thursday, August 17. We’ve got 8, 10 and 12-hour shifts to choose from.

Refuse to settle. Don’t compromise your career to work conveniently. Help us shape the future of OR nursing, and accept the challenge that comes with it.

Interested in joining our team of OR nurses? Explore our unlimited career possibilities today.

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We’re delivering on the promise of new life – and amazing careers

We’re delivering on the promise of new life – and amazing careers

At Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s Maternal Child Services division, we give our all to make sure babies get a healthy and happy start. In addition to delivering 9,000 babies a year, we provide them and their mothers with the finest care possible. Our determination to care for our mothers and babies runs through everything we do, and we’re proving it by committing to being designated “Baby-Friendly.” This prestigious recognition means that we provide a level of care that enables optimal infant feeding and mother/baby bonding.

What does that mean for our RNs? It means breaking with convention.

“It’s an exciting time to be a nurse at LIJ. We’re on the journey to become a designated Baby-Friendly hospital. The journey is challenging, but well worth it!”

–Maureen McCormick, RN-C, BSN, IBCLC, Lactation Coordinator

Becoming Baby-Friendly involves a lot of work, implementing evidence-based best practices, and a commitment to excellence. That’s why we are looking for RNs who are passionate about furthering their education and expertise, including by becoming Certified Breastfeeding Counselors. We also offer certification classes in Electronic Fetal Monitoring and Maternal Newborn Nursing, and exams onsite. “It takes a special person to work with mothers and babies,” adds Maureen. “It’s a totally different type of nursing.”

When nurses are looking to get involved in our efforts to drive change and implement the latest evidence-based practices, the OB division has many councils and committees to choose from such as our monthly Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Core Group. In this group nurses gain awareness of the changes we are looking to make and are able to provide valuable input. Nursing staff who are interested in the initiative may become Champions and they bring information back to the units and also assist with hands-on training.

We’re committed to involving our nursing staff in any changes made throughout the division — together, we’re delivering health care of the future.

“To be a successful maternity nurse, you need to be dedicated, caring, compassionate, ambitious, eager to learn, able to multitask and a team player.”

–Kathy Devlin, RN, BSN, Interim Director of Patient Care Services, OB Division

Providing evidence-based care is not always easy. It means adapting to new policies, new procedures, and being willing to help change the culture. We want nurses who are willing to be challenged so that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care to our mothers and babies.

“Our OB division is very large and diverse. We excel at supporting teamwork, growth opportunities, continuing education and exceeding patient expectations.”

–Kathy Devlin

Are you made for coming out of your comfort zone and looking to take your nursing education a step further? Register for our Maternal Child Nursing Interview Day on Thursday, August 3.

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We’re looking for stars to come out at night

We’re looking for stars to come out at night

The Top Ten Reasons to Work Nights

If you’re a nurse looking to hone your skills, get a unique educational experience, or just get your career off to a start in an environment where you can get extra support and guidance, working nights could be the wake up call you need. We asked our own nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital their favorite reasons for working the night shift, and here are the top ten:

#1 – Get in your zone.

For many nurses, the night shift provides an ideal setting for focusing on delivering exceptional care.

#2 – Cut the red tape.

Because your patients are likely to remain throughout your shift, you’ll enjoy more patient work and less paperwork.

#3 – We’ll show you the money.

With generous shift differentials for working nights, nurses are rewarded for taking on this important role.

#4 – Get your career off to a great start.

Night shifts are a great way to start your career. There’s no better environment for the hands-on opportunities you’re looking for when getting to know your unit, the doctors and the overall processes.

#5 – Reduce the chaos.

With more stability during the night shift, there’s less relocating of patients, reducing the physical tasks associated with it. Whether or not you are new to a unit, you’ll appreciate the change of pace.

#6 – Want great leadership? We have you covered.

Our excellent leadership coverage on night shifts provides the support and guidance our nurses need to be at their best.

#7 – Our team really comes together at night.

We have many activities and initiatives to keep our team engaged at night, like our town hall meetings, nurse council and nightly huddles.

#8 – Welcome to night school.

We have nurse educators specifically for the night shift. This is unique among hospital systems, and is an especially beneficial resource for new grads or nurses who are new to the unit.

#9 – Improve your balance.

Working night shifts can help you achieve a better work-life balance and spend time with your family.

#10 – Take a chill pill.

Even with less chaos and bureaucracy, there will still be times when you’ll appreciate such stress relief activities as our spa nights.

So, think the night shift might be made for you? If so, you might be Made for this!

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A career of life-changing service.

A career of life-changing service.

“I feel like Northwell Health has given me so many opportunities to further my education and my skillset.”

–Desiree Gropp

A commitment to service, a spirit of compassion and a gift for leadership have always defined Desiree Gropp. Joining the Marines young, she matured during her military career while growing her sense of responsibility, dedication and determination. She would soon find how well these skills would transfer to her future health care leadership role at Northwell Health.

Desiree joined Northwell Health in 2014 as a staff nurse on the medical/surgical floor at Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC). A year later, an opportunity arose for an Assistant Nurse Manager on the unit. Even though she was only a year out of nursing school, she applied for the job – and got it. “I was so stoked and so excited,” Desiree remembers, “I couldn’t wait to start!”

A short time later, Desiree’s director met with her and asked Desiree what her five-year plan was. She responded, “I want to be sitting in your seat.”

As it happened, there was a need for a creative, open-minded and energetic Nurse Manager to drive important change in the Emergency Short Stay Unit while ensuring that care delivery and quality continued to meet our high quality of care standards.

Knowing all of the challenges ahead, Desiree jumped in headfirst. She developed strong partnerships with colleagues while ensuring that the needs of patients and their families were consistently met. With the opening of a new unit at LIJ, she has again demonstrated that she is a positive change agent as she moved her team from an overflow to an inpatient unit, taking on the challenges with pride, grace and dignity.

It’s a highly challenging position, but Desiree’s military background has prepared her well for it. “In the military, I learned to keep calm under pressure,” admits Desiree. “They instill that in you.” In recognition of her achievements, Desiree received the Northwell Health Leadership Award during the recent Nurse’s Week celebrations.

For Desiree and other veterans, Northwell Health maintains a steadfast commitment to supporting them in their return to civilian life. We have been named a Military Friendly® Employer three years in a row, are proud members of Nassau County’s Welcome Back Warriors Program and the Veterans Jobs Mission, are the premier NYServes partner and participate in other programs committed to serving those who’ve done so much to serve us all.

“I’ve always been a go-getter and I’m constantly thinking about what I can do next. I like to set the example and motivate other people.”


Veterans like Desiree have sacrificed so much in the service of our country. At Northwell Health, we’re proud that they choose to continue their life of service with us. If you’d like to learn more about our commitment to your career transition and growth, please visit jobs.northwell.edu/veterans. Connect with our Veteran Program Specialist and learn about our events tailored for veterans by joining our Veteran Talent Community.

 Interested in joining our team of nurses? Explore our unlimited career possibilities today.

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Made for Unbelievable Opportunities

Photo: Michele is the third women from the left.

Made for Unbelievable Opportunities

Written by: Michele Parisi

I knew I wanted to become a nurse because I have always had a passion and a drive to be a part of the healing process. I believe that nursing is simply to give tender loving care while applying it to the everyday concept of medical care. Now, I have been a Registered Nurse for eight years,  and over these pasts few years I have had the pleasure to work with many talented and compassionate individuals who work in different departments, and within different capacities.  Working with these individuals at Northwell Health, I have realized that as a team we can accomplish anything.

We are all part of our patient’s healthcare team.  Whether it is the nurse, the physician, the nursing assistant, dietary, engineering, the security guard, administration, housekeeping, etc.   We are part of a team whose goal is to provide the safest and finest care we can deliver. We are all unique individuals who bring ideas to the table.

I became a part of Southside Hospital’s nursing team as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Labor and Delivery is an extremely intense, high-stress level area where emergencies occur daily and  I was privileged to work amongst the best team, and with them, we delivered the best care even throughout any emergency.  Two years later an opportunity was presented to me to join the Cardiothoracic ICU Fellowship program Northwell Health has. Throughout this experience, I was able to learn some of my best skills from the astonishing cardiac surgeons and the most remarkable nurses that I worked with.  After the fellowship,  I realized that my true passion was working in the delivery room and I accepted a position as an Assistant Nurse Manager. Taking on this task was a huge endeavor for me. This role is not about being a manager it’s about being a leader for your team. Communicating effectively, listening to others, leading by example, and many other traits are all qualities of the type of leader that I am. The culture of this organization has taught me how to be this way. Empowering one another, supporting one another, and collaborating with one another are some of the characteristics of the culture we have here that help guide me. We are all different and unique in our own way but we treat each other equally and with respect, and our patients receive the best care because of who we are. We are all truly together and that’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to work here.

Over the years, the best opportunity that I have been given is the opportunity to change people’s lives. I’ve taken care of some of the sickest patients in the hospital, and within weeks I’ve seen these patients walk out of the hospital. That’s the opportunity that touches me most and reminds me why I love being a nurse.  All of my other opportunities remind me why I love being a nurse at Northwell Health.

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Huntington Hospital receives its 4th Magnet® designation

Huntington Hospital receives its 4th Magnet® designation

Huntington Hospital, one of our community hospitals, has recently attained its 4th Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This is the highest honor an organization can receive for excellence in nursing care. In addition to being the first on Long Island,  they are also second in New York State, and one of just 36 in the country to receive Magnet four or more times.  Magnet status is the gold standard for nursing excellence – a reflection of Huntington Hospital’s nursing professionalism, strong collaboration, innovation, and teamwork as well as superiority in patient care.

Huntington Hospital’s culture is built on a commitment to quality, exceptional experience, and excellence for both patients and employees.  “Our Nursing Leadership team is professional, dedicated, and committed to ensuring the best practice environment,” said Janet Milanese, Associate VP of Nursing.

Their nurses are able to practice in a supportive environment where opportunities are abundant, innovation is encouraged and their voices are heard. Their nurses work collaboratively and collegially with their interdisciplinary team to provide the best outcomes for their patients. “Senior leadership remains committed to nursing and meeting their strategic goals by supporting education, certification, and resources necessary to continue to provide high-quality care.  Achieving and maintaining Magnet designation is a true testament to not only nursing efforts but also the efforts of all that support the nursing department at Huntington Hospital,” said Donna Tanzi, Director of Nursing Education and Professional Development.

Nurses at Magnet facilities can feel the strong attraction between the two as they are known for their high retention rates, high job and employee engagement/satisfaction scores, as well as a culture of excellence and positive patient outcomes. “As a new nurse seeking employment, Huntington Hospital was my number one choice because of their sterling reputation as a Magnet designated hospital. Working alongside nurses who hold such high standards has given me an unsurpassable advantage in my career. I consider myself very lucky to work in an organization that thrives on education and excellence,” said Jessica Shremshock, RN. Nurses are identified as the pioneers at the forefront of our evolving health system and all aspects of patient care, and the nurses at Huntington Hospital are always keeping the patient and their family’s needs at heart and find innovative ways to meet those needs. It’s that sense of empathic necessity that keeps their nurses motivated and constantly seeking ways to improve the care of their patients by refining nursing-sensitive indicators and keeping patients at the center.

Huntington Hospital nurses feel empowered knowing they have a voice that will be heard, and this support reinforces the culture of pride that is felt by all who work here. Megan, a registered nurse in the ER reaffirms just how special working at a Magnet organization feels, stating, “Working in a Magnet facility reminds me every day why I chose a career in nursing in the first place.” Shannell Blanchard, RN, also adds, “Working at Huntington Hospital has really changed the way I practice nursing. As a magnet hospital, they hold their nurses to standards of excellence and it has given me a foundation with which to be a better nurse. I am glad I made the choice to work here.”

Being recognized by Magnet is a tremendous honor.  The culture of excellence at Huntington Hospital continually inspires the highest level of safety, quality,  and patient and staff satisfaction. This fourth achievement affirms the foundation of nursing excellence they have built.Explore their nursing opportunities. (link to RN Huntington positions)

 Explore their career opportunities.