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Made for going places – Paula Tortorici-Scheff’s story

Employee highlight Paula Tortonici-Scheff

Made for going places – Paula Tortorici-Scheff’s story

Paula Tortorici-Scheff has always enjoyed traveling, visiting new places and meeting new people. And that’s not just in her personal life, it’s with her career as well. Over the years, she has experienced impressive career growth, and all of it at Northwell Health.

Paula started as a Nursing Assistant, and went on to attain her BSN with honors. She earned her New York RN license and was hired as a staff nurse – all within a matter of months. As a driven nursing professional, she became ANCC Medical-Surgical Nursing Board Certified while obtaining Clinical Ladder III status and advanced to Assistant Nurse Manager.

And she was just getting warmed up.

She’s currently an Administrator, Hospital Operations, where she serves as one of the on-site administrators on the evening and weekend shifts. She also provides operational oversight throughout the hospital.

What’s next for Paula? Thanks to a full-scholarship she received to the Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies, she will soon complete her Master’s degree in May 2018 and become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

“I am blessed to have been given the opportunity of a full scholarship as a student of the first inaugural class at Hofstra Northwell Graduate School of Nursing to obtain my Master’s degree. It is not only an amazing experience, but one that is part of an elite and prestigious program and institution. Thank you, Northwell!”

-Paula Tortorici-Scheff, BSN, RN-BC

For those seeking greater opportunities in their own careers, Paula’s advice is simple – “Go for it!” She recommends taking advantage of the education available to Northwell Health nurses at the Hofstra Northwell Graduate School of Nursing. “It’s something that you will be very proud to be part of,” says Paula. “It’s a gift having access to the absolute best faculty, physicians, and clinical experiences — it shines above the other programs. We are also guaranteed job placement with the Northwell Health system. But you have to be driven and determined. You have to want it and keep your focus.”

If you’re looking for a place that encourages and rewards you for being truly ambitious, a career at Northwell Health is made for you. “I am very proud of the opportunities Northwell has given me over the last 21 years,” Paula tells us. “I have built my entire career here and I am far from done.”

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Thinking differently: Zucker Hillside Hospital nurses are redefining behavioral health patient care

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Thinking differently: Zucker Hillside Hospital nurses are redefining behavioral health patient care

Helping those suffering from behavioral conditions and addictions takes all of us coming together to bring our best insight and ideas. That’s why Zucker Hillside Hospital continues to be an active participant at the annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Conference.

“We really want to focus on the recovery of our patients. Often, mental illness is stigmatized in this country and it’s one of the things we’re striving to reduce.”

–Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

With eight posters and one podium presentation, we’re so excited to share the amazing things we’ve got going on at Zucker Hillside Hospital with the behavioral health community. Here is a preview of some of the topics our nurses will presenting about:

Experiences and Utilization of the New York State Office of Mental Health’s Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations

Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

Joe Whelan, BS, RN, MBA

Aggressive patient behavior in psychiatry poses a significant challenge for nurses and other professionals. Despite programs instituted to relieve this burden, injury to staff and patients remains a very real concern. A key issue is the inadequate implementation of least-restrictive aggressive behavior management strategies to cope with aggressive incidents. This led to the development and implementation of the NYS OMH’s two-day course in “Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations.” At Zucker Hillside Hospital, this has led to a 22% decrease in staff injuries related to assaults and a 50% decrease in use of restraints as we reached critical mass in PMCS training. We’re excited to share the details of this solution to a vital caregiver concern.

The Journey Toward a Therapeutic Healing Environment for Patients and a Safe Working Environment for Staff

Marybeth McManus, RN, CNO

Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

In addition to creating a therapeutic healing environment within psychiatric units and hospitals, it is imperative to provide a safe working environment for staff members. To this end, a number of programs have been implemented over the past decade to foster an environment that is trauma-informed, patient centered, and provides a therapeutic environment to staff and patients. We’re excited to share the initiatives and results of this journey to world-class psychiatric care. We’ll be sharing how these approaches combined with strong leadership are fostering a recovery-focused, trauma-informed, patient-centered environment.

We’re so proud of our nurses’ efforts to apply the latest thinking and practices in the field, and the important presentations that result from these efforts. Join Marybeth, Joe, Kristy and others as we show the exciting results of this commitment at APNA.

“It takes a very special nurse to work in behavioral health. You need to have tremendous integrity and communication skills as well as incredible patience and empathy.”

–Marybeth McManus

To learn more about what to expect from our nurses this week, click here.

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Find an exceptional home for providing extraordinary emergency care.

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Find an exceptional home for providing extraordinary emergency care.

For remarkable care and exhilarating careers, there’s nowhere like the emergency department at Northern Westchester Hospital. We’re a community-based hospital handling a wide variety of acuity and demographics in our fast-paced, high-volume ED – from newborns to the elderly. If you’ve got drive, ambition and strong critical thinking skills, you’re made for this opportunity.

Delivering the right care…

Northern Westchester Hospital is in a league of its own for its unparalleled quality of care. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve received some of the most prestigious recognition in our field:

  • Planetree Hospital with Distinction for 10+ years
  • Two-time Magnet® designation
  • Gold Star status as a primary stroke center

“Very few hospitals in the country can claim the honor of both Magnet® and Plaintree recognition – certainly none in our area.”

–Cathy Tarpey, ACPM, RN

…at the right time…

Our ED is there to deliver the most advanced and effective care when it’s needed most. This 26-bed unit handles an average of 29,000 visits per year. Within the ED, we utilize innovative technology, including electronic medical records, telemedicine/telepsych, capnography and more to ensure our patients get the finest care at the most challenging times.

“Our ED has an abundance of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that enhance patient care and safety.”

–Cathy Tarpey, ACPM, RN

…with the right support…

At Northern Westchester Hospital, everything is in place to help you thrive in your emergency nursing career. The department uses a team-based approach, bringing together highly qualified nurses, physicians, advanced practitioners and techs to provide patients with the best care possible. Looking for the chance to really hone your skills? We provide a Clinical Ladder, tuition reimbursement, cross training for clinical advancement, fellowship programs, student nursing programs (SNAP), paid conference opportunities, free classes for certification plus bonuses for certifications and advanced degrees. With our shared governance model, you’ll also have a strong voice in the direction of our care and your career.

“Working in our ED will definitely enhance your clinical judgment and skills. Our doctors trust and rely on our nurses’ assessments and information.”

–Meghan Walter, ED Quality Rep, RN

…could make this the right place for you.

If you’re looking for the close-knit setting of a community hospital but the vast career benefits of an award-winning health system with access to state-of-the-art procedures and education, you’ll find it at Northern Westchester Hospital. You’re made for more in your emergency nursing career. Here’s how you can get it today!

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We’re discovering new directions to help put our patients on the road to recovery

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We’re discovering new directions to help put our patients on the road to recovery

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, we’re applying best practices as well as our own innovative solutions to helping those suffering from a wide range of behavioral conditions and addictions. We’ll be sharing some of these unique approaches to behavioral health at the upcoming American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s 31st Annual Conference. Here is a preview of some of the topics we’re presenting:

I Am Unique – Olesya Gavrylyuk, Nurse Manager

We focus on our patients as unique individuals, not as a symptom, a discharge or an admission. That’s the spirit behind the “I Am Unique” presentation. From the beginning of their time with us, we become immersed in our patients’ unique story. When treated like an individual, we can empower and motivate them to find hope, take medication, move on with their treatment and eventually go into the community. We’ve had great success with this approach and have received positive feedback from our patients. Everyone on the Zucker Hillside team works together to make it a success – from the doctors to the housekeepers. It is now being applied in all of our units.

Elevated Family-Centered ECT – Marie Horowitz RN, Nurse Manager

There are many misconceptions about electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) which have interfered with patient compliance with treatment and their return to optimal health. The ECT team wanted to dispel the myths by embracing transparency with patients and their families. New initiatives include more in-depth education, purposeful rounding in our waiting room, as well as inviting family members to view a treatment. We looked at evidence based practices at other ECT units and explored additional ways where we could elevate our practice. We’ve expanded our hours from early morning to late evening. We provide designated parking, and developed more reasonable ECT fasting guidelines. We have improved our patient and family satisfaction by providing comfort in our waiting room with visits from service dogs, activities such as tablets, coloring books, puzzles and games. We’ve received very positive feedback on our new initiatives and continue to welcome suggestions from our patients and families.

Striving for the S.T.A.R.S. – Paul Panakal, Director of Patient Care Services

Patient discharge can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. Yet, our patient satisfaction scores showed there was room for improvement in prepping a patient for discharge. In response, we created S.T.A.R.S. – Strategy Toward Achieving Recovery. Each discipline had a part to play. Nursing provided one-to-one patient education sessions and general education medication groups. Psychologists and social workers offered a coping skills group as well as a handout with discharge instructions. Together, we improved patient understanding of instructions, discharge medications and where they can find help if relapsing. This presentation will show the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to solve common problems and improve the patient experience.

Our nurses are focused on treating each patient like a person, recognizing their very individualized needs. Presentations like those of Olesya, Marie and Paul show the exciting results of this commitment.

“It’s all about caring, paying attention, being present and listening. A patient is not only a diagnosis. Every patient’s story and experience is unique.”

–Olesya Gavrylyuk, Nurse Manager

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Giving to others is what our nurses are made for.


Giving to others is what our nurses are made for.

In the wake of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey inflicted upon the Houston area, the need for medical care rose to crisis levels for those impacted by the flooding and who rely on their healthcare providers to manage existing chronic conditions. In response, Northwell Health connected with its counterparts at the Houston–based MD Anderson Cancer Center to offer assistance to match the hospital‘s specific needs. Within 24 hours after requesting help from its clinicians, Northwell enrolled more than 600 employees interested in volunteering. Here is one of our volunteer’s stories.

Written by: Angela Daly

As nurses and healthcare workers, we are there for people at times when they are most vulnerable; we step up when we are needed without a moment of hesitation. I was in nursing school when Hurricane Sandy destroyed my hometown of the Rockaway’s in Queens in 2012. Thanks to the kindness and amazing gestures of so many who stepped up when we needed them the most, my neighborhood made a strong comeback, allowing me to graduate on-time and start my dream job as a float nurse for Northwell Health.

When I heard that Houston, Texas was expecting to be heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey, I immediately stepped up to volunteer. The week that I spent in Houston was an amazing experience that allowed me to give back to the world the same gestures that were once given to me in a time of crisis. I was able to use my talents and training as a Northwell Health Nurse in a way which was valued and so appreciated by so many. I was so proud to be a part of Northwell’s nursing team during that week in Texas as I relieved the nurses and allowed them to get home to their families and to begin the recovery process. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had as a nurse, and the finest example of how Northwell Nurses and I are Made For This!


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Educating our nurses for a better tomorrow


Educating our nurses for a better tomorrow

Northwell Health Nurse Educators inspire and influence the professional role of healthcare professionals every day. Each day the educators are creating nurturing learning environments, improving academic partnerships with nursing schools across the United States, inspiring present and aspiring healthcare professionals through mentorship, and influencing the efforts of improvements in quality and safety in patient care. Find out more about our nurse educators contributions to our successes and the potential opportunities available to Nurse Educators.

Learning environment

Northwell Health Nurse Educators facilitate learning opportunities with high fidelity simulation at the Patient Safety Institute, and learning opportunities at in-patient and out-patient healthcare settings. The learning activities include simulated mock codes, hands-on clinical skills practice sessions, analysis of patient case scenarios with learners, education on interdisciplinary teamwork, practice with communication tools such as TeamSTEPPS, and integrate the humanistic approaches to patient and family care. Northwell Health Nurse Educators coordinate and educate nurses in fellowship programs such as pediatric, emergency department, peri-operative services, labor and delivery, and critical care and work with the nursing students in a summer nursing student externship program. Nurse Educators contribute to over 30,000 contact hours available to nursing staff including conferences with nationally recognized speakers.

Made for this.. is the motto for our health system, and as a nurse educator, professional development and growth for the team is my primary goal. Through the application of clinical expertise, individuals are driven to improve the care that they provide and ultimately improve the outcomes of our patient’s,” said Ariceles Prince, Critical Care Nurse Educator, Long Island Jewish Valley Stream.

Academic partnership

Northwell Health Nurse Educators work in collaboration with over 50 nursing schools from across the United States. In 2016 Northwell Nurse Educators worked with 5,000+ undergraduate and graduate nursing students. The educators’ efforts include coordinating, assisting, and supporting preceptor placement; academic guidance; and exposing aspiring nurses to the diversities of nursing (eg: flight nursing). Northwell Health Nurse Educators encourage and support over 1800 employees on the nursing academic track (or considering returning to nursing school) or purist of specialty nursing certifications.

Also, Northwell Health has the Northwell Health Hofstra Master of Science -Nurse Practitioner program that started in Fall 2015 consisting of the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner track and Family Nurse Practitioner track. (http://www.hofstra.edu/academics/colleges/nursing-physician-assistant)


Northwell Health Nurse Educators provide mentorship from novice through experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals. The mentorship role includes supporting nurses towards or maintaining their clinical ladder status with nurses growing in tents of Education, Research, Quality, Service Excellence, and Leadership. Mentorship continues with participation in the Northwell Health – Mentoring and Professionalism in Training (MAP-IT) program in the development of humanism among healthcare providers including physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

“What I wanted when I entered nursing was to help people. As a Nurse Educator, now I can cast a wider net. If I can teach orientees how to treat people the way they would like to be treated, I’m fulfilling my original goal in a bigger way as a Nurse Educator here at Northwell Health. Being a nurse educator here is so much more than just a job or teaching; it’s an honor,” said Shoba Kanagamani, System Nurse Educator, Institute of Nursing.

Quality and safe patient care

Northwell Health Nurse Educators utilize evidence-based practice and research to guide the practice of quality and safety in patient care and education as evident by quality outcomes.

Northwell nurse educators are leaders and supporters to facilitate the pursuit of continuous quality improvements. Northwell Health’s champion model has supported a 57% reduction in ICU-CAUTI and a 48% reduction in Non-ICU CAUTI since 2014, a 31% decrease in Clostridium difficile (C difficile) since 2014, and a decrease in pressure ulcers by more than 64% since 2012.

Throughout the health system our nurses depend on our educators to help them understand best practices and to help them advance their skill sets. For them, they always have the support they need, and for the educators, they are always excited to help. “Being in this position, and most importantly, in this position at Norwell, I have been able to expand my knowledge each and every day and I continue to follow my dreams while working with a team that I can depend on. Being a Northwell Nurse Educator has truly allowed me to flourish in my profession and has given me the tools I need to keep succeeding. Because of Northwell, I am made for this,” said Melinda Constantine, Assistant Director of Education, Professional Development & Research Operations, Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

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Looking for the perfect career destination? You’ll wish you were here!

Peconic Bay

Looking for the perfect career destination? You’ll wish you were here!

Get ready to pack your bags – or at least your resume. Here are ten great reasons for making the move and joining us at Peconic Bay Medical Center (PBMC).

#1 – Big hospital advantages. Small hospital feel.

We’re a 182-bed acute-care hospital and designated stroke center, and though we’re a regional medical center, we have a strong community focus. Our working environment is close-knit and teammates are more like family.

#2 – A community that will embrace you.

Peconic Bay Medical Center is the area’s trusted source for quality care. We have employees who were actually born here and grew up in the community. But no matter where you’re from, this is a place where you’ll be immediately welcomed. That means you’ll be able to offer a full continuum of care to your friends and neighbors.

“I became a nurse because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I was lucky enough to be able to do that for the people who mean the most to me, right here where I grew up. But even if you weren’t born here, you’ll be able to enjoy that connection to your work through patients and staff .”

 –Cindy Anderson, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager

#3 – We’re going somewhere fast.

We never settle and are always moving forward. Our award-winning Kanas Center for Advanced Surgery is home to the da Vinci Surgical Robotics Program. PBMC also features Centers of Excellence in Bariatrics and Joint Replacement and is a recipient of the prestigious Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for Total Joint Replacement for Hip and Knee.

“Nursing care is exceptional. Everything we do is focused on patient care. We’re never complacent, it’s never business as usual.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#4 – Getting here is half the fun.

As beautiful as our location is, the commute here makes it even more attractive. It’s an easy and peaceful commute, through picturesque countryside.

“Eastern Long Island is kind of like another world – but one you don’t have to go too far to reach.”

 –Amy Loeb, Chief Nursing Officer

#5 – Technology to write home about.

When it comes to our clinical capabilities, we refuse to compromise. This includes a brand new, state-of-the-art cardiac cath lab and electrophysiology lab, advanced OR robotics and innovative technology throughout.

“We have the latest equipment. Things we’d have to transfer patients for in the past, we get to help them right here and now. We don’t lose critical time.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#6 – A nice place to visit. An even better place to live.

Although it’s just a short trip to the energy and excitement of New York City, the serene beauty of eastern Long Island makes you feel as if you’re a million miles away, except there’s plenty to do. Enjoy a relaxing day among vineyards and wineries. Explore unique boutiques and shops. Sample delicious cuisine at one of the wonderful bistros and restaurants. Or just relax as you take in the sites

Most of my life I’ve been a Long Islander, it’s a wonderful area – world class beaches, culture, fine arts, great climate.”

 –Bruce Lavelle, RN

#7 – Never a dull moment.

With approximately 30,000 emergency visits each year, we have the busiest ED on the east end of Long Island. This translates into a dynamic and fast-paced environment in all of the areas of our hospital.

#8 – Happy employees.

At Peconic Bay Medical Center, we promote an environment where our people are valued, their skills are advanced, their knowledge is expanded and their ideas are respected. This keeps us inspired, involved and engaged. Our long-term satisfaction proves it!

#9 – You learn something new every day!

Continual professional development is a priority for us. We have a “Back 2 School” program where the hospital supports cohorts of nurses going back to school. We also offer a wide variety of educational resources, including the most advanced simulation center on Long Island.

#10 – It’s the place to grow!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to join Peconic Bay Medical Center. But the best one is that we’re just getting started with plans to grow our beautiful facilities and expand our capabilities. Right now, we’ve got great nursing opportunities to join us in these areas:

Need even more reasons to join us at Peconic Bay Medical Center? Find out more.

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Transitional and Complex Care Nursing: unique skills for exceptional situations

Northwell Health blog

Transitional and Complex Care Nursing: unique skills for exceptional situations

Northwell Health Solutions is enhancing patient care while improving the overall health and wellness of the communities we serve.

We focus our resources to empower patients, families and providers so that together they can ultimately achieve improved patient outcomes. In this work we safely transition patients from hospital to home and empower patients with chronic and complicated medical conditions to make the best health care decisions for themselves. Our services don’t end at the hospital doors, but rather, they extend into the homes of our patients and the communities we serve. Caring runs through everything we do.

Helping patients return home.

Transitional Care involves decisions and actions that enable patients to make the transition from an inpatient setting to the comforts of home. This includes medication reconciliation, discharge instruction review, scheduling appointments with PCPs and specialists and resource coordination. In many ways, this is very different from traditional nursing roles. It involves a great deal of one-to-one patient engagement, in person and on the phone. The nurses who take on this role must be comfortable working within each patient’s specific home environment – from houses and apartments to group homes and assisted living communities.

“In addition to their clinical skills, the best nurses for transitional care will possess a lot of qualities you just can’t teach, such as tremendous warmth, hospitality and the ability to encourage patients to buy into the program.”

–Dr. Zenobia Brown, Medical Director, Northwell Health Solutions

Helping patients stay healthy, after care.

Complex Care involves the care of high-risk patients in our practices and communities. It means working with patients to promote healthy living, so that hospitalization doesn’t become necessary. Each personal nurse care manager provides a full health risk assessment (HRA), individualized care plan and ongoing support.

Our employees serve the needs of our patients in the community, working to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Our nurses work within a variety of practice settings and geographic areas to provide face-to-face as well as phone contact with our patients. This role requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, and feeling comfortable on the go in a changing environment.

“To work in Complex Care, you must be self directed, outgoing, proactive and possess strong time management skills in order to cover a multitude of practices. We’re looking to you to build great relationships with providers, patients, staff and family.”

–Mary DiCostanzo, ‎AVP, Complex Care Management, Northwell Health Solutions

Are you Made for this?

Northwell Health Solutions is helping define a new model of caring, one that is uniquely focused on helping people recover and maintain their health and wellness, outside the traditional hospital setting. With our strong, consistent growth, we have amazing opportunities for ongoing development, in a unique career path. But it’s not a career path made for just anyone. We’re looking for nurses who work hard and aren’t afraid to push boundaries to go the extra mile. If you think you’re made for caring for our patients and communities, you might be Made for this.

Health Solutions – Search career opportunities with Northwell Health!

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You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

Northwell Health blog

You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

There’s something about working as an emergency department nurse that sets you apart from the crowd.

…you like your pace fast.

If your work shoes are track shoes, you might be an ED nurse. Let’s face it, you’re fueled by adrenaline and action and life in the ED is the only thing that will quench your thirst for excitement.

“It is a huge challenge to balance the demands of the ER with the organized chaos.  It takes a very special person to succeed here.”

 –Diana Giacomino, RN

…you know variety is the spice of life.

And you like it extra spicy. Habanero spicy. Every day is different in the ED. Every moment brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to be your best. That’s what you’re made for.

“Every day is different. It’s not made for everyone. It’s unique because you become a master in all fields.”

  — Andrew Wong, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CCRN-K, Emergency Department Staff Educator

…you’re a team player.

As good as you are, you know it takes an exceptional team to make miracles happen. You wouldn’t have it any other way.  Fortunately, you’ll be surrounded by the best people in the business, including physicians who are consistently named among New York’s best by New York Magazine.

…you adapt at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to handling constant changes in a dynamic setting, you’re a human chameleon. You think fast, act fast and can change fast to suit every situation.

“What’s unique about being an emergency nurse is the constant need to reassess and reevaluate your situation and the situation of your patients–in a moment’s notice.”

–Matthew Hadley, BSN, RN

…you’re always looking for the next challenge.

You never settle and you’re never satisfied. If you even had laurels, you wouldn’t rest on them. You’re inspired to always go further and reach higher in your career.

“I chose emergency nursing because I knew it was a field that would constantly challenge me.”

–Sabina Monosova, BSN, RN

Make your move.

Now that we’ve established that you’re made for a great career in the ED, come to our ED Nursing Interview Week during the week of August 28th. You’ll get to learn all about the opportunities available throughout our 22-hospital system.  Find out more here.

Think emergency nursing at Northwell Health is right for you? Attend our upcoming ED event or apply to our open jobs.

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We’re made for helping others find their way.

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We’re made for helping others find their way.

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, it doesn’t just take clinical knowledge and skill to do what we do. It takes a special spark, a unique passion for treating patients as the unique and valued individuals they are. We’re profoundly committed to the compassionate care of people suffering from a wide range of behavioral conditions and addictions. We’re also passionate about our leadership role in the field as we pursue new treatments and solutions for helping people through extremely difficult challenges.

“As co-chair for the Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research committee at Zucker, I’m focused on initiating practices to improve patient care and satisfaction.”

–Tara Shajan, RN

We’re excited to be able to share our knowledge and best practices with the behavioral health community at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s 31st Annual Conference this October in Phoenix, Arizona! We spoke with two of the nurses from Zucker Hillside Hospital who will present their findings at the conference, and here is a sneak peek at their research topics:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – Trish Woloszyn, RN

DBT is an evidence-based practice therapy created to help the many people suffering from borderline personality or impulse control issues. By uniting cognitive behavioral therapy with Buddhist meditative practices, it combines the best of our advanced knowledge with ancient wisdom. The treatment involves exercises in mindfulness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance and acceptance. Ours is the first inpatient adolescent unit in the country to incorporate this into practice. We’re seeing amazing results in terms of constant observation as well as a decrease in self-injurious and suicidal behavior. So far, we’ve sent eight core staff members from all disciplines for intensive DBT training. We’re continuing to have more staff trained, including nursing staff, so they can gain a greater understanding about the ways DBT can help our patients.

The Importance of Noise Control – Tara Shajan, RN

We weren’t  satisfied with our Press Ganey score for patient experience related to noise level. I led an initiative with our RNs and other staff to modify the practices on the unit to control the level of noise on the unit after 11 pm. The change in our mean score since the implementation of the new process has been remarkable – rising from 27 to 72 in just one year. This is a tremendous change. Essentially: Reducing noise level can contribute to improving quiet and therapeutic healing environment and thus enhance patient experience. With these changes, we have completed the goal of bringing up the satisfaction of the patients of the units during the night time. Since the initiative, the staff who would never paid attention to noise change are now aware of it and there is a big culture change . Patients are able to get a good night’s sleep. The improved Press Ganey patient satisfaction score is proof it’s working.

“We found that reducing noise level can improve the therapeutic healing environment and thus enhance patient experience.”

–Tara Shajan, RN

At Zucker Hillside Hospital, we are rejuvenating our nursing research and are committed to encouraging nurses like Trish and Tara to explore untapped possibilities and to discover new and better ways to deliver exceptional patient care. If you’re made for advancing your clinical practice, Zucker Hillside Hospital is made for you.

“The nursing department at Zucker Hillside Hospital has been very invested in promoting nursing research to all the nursing staff.”

— Trish Woloszyn, RN

Think you might be made for a career in Behavioral Health? Explore available careers here!