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Thinking differently: Zucker Hillside Hospital nurses are redefining behavioral health patient care

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Thinking differently: Zucker Hillside Hospital nurses are redefining behavioral health patient care

Helping those suffering from behavioral conditions and addictions takes all of us coming together to bring our best insight and ideas. That’s why Zucker Hillside Hospital continues to be an active participant at the annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Conference.

“We really want to focus on the recovery of our patients. Often, mental illness is stigmatized in this country and it’s one of the things we’re striving to reduce.”

–Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

With eight posters and one podium presentation, we’re so excited to share the amazing things we’ve got going on at Zucker Hillside Hospital with the behavioral health community. Here is a preview of some of the topics our nurses will presenting about:

Experiences and Utilization of the New York State Office of Mental Health’s Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations

Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

Joe Whelan, BS, RN, MBA

Aggressive patient behavior in psychiatry poses a significant challenge for nurses and other professionals. Despite programs instituted to relieve this burden, injury to staff and patients remains a very real concern. A key issue is the inadequate implementation of least-restrictive aggressive behavior management strategies to cope with aggressive incidents. This led to the development and implementation of the NYS OMH’s two-day course in “Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations.” At Zucker Hillside Hospital, this has led to a 22% decrease in staff injuries related to assaults and a 50% decrease in use of restraints as we reached critical mass in PMCS training. We’re excited to share the details of this solution to a vital caregiver concern.

The Journey Toward a Therapeutic Healing Environment for Patients and a Safe Working Environment for Staff

Marybeth McManus, RN, CNO

Kristy Loewenstein, MSN, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC

In addition to creating a therapeutic healing environment within psychiatric units and hospitals, it is imperative to provide a safe working environment for staff members. To this end, a number of programs have been implemented over the past decade to foster an environment that is trauma-informed, patient centered, and provides a therapeutic environment to staff and patients. We’re excited to share the initiatives and results of this journey to world-class psychiatric care. We’ll be sharing how these approaches combined with strong leadership are fostering a recovery-focused, trauma-informed, patient-centered environment.

We’re so proud of our nurses’ efforts to apply the latest thinking and practices in the field, and the important presentations that result from these efforts. Join Marybeth, Joe, Kristy and others as we show the exciting results of this commitment at APNA.

“It takes a very special nurse to work in behavioral health. You need to have tremendous integrity and communication skills as well as incredible patience and empathy.”

–Marybeth McManus

To learn more about what to expect from our nurses this week, click here.

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Redefining health care with advanced IT

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Redefining health care with advanced IT

It’s amazing what a difference a day can make. IT professional Amrit Singh found that out last year when he attended the Northwell Health IT Virtual Career Fair.

At the Virtual Career Fair, Amrit visited a variety of virtual “booths” that enabled him to explore opportunities in data security, IT infrastructure, project management, clinical informatics, medical informatics and more. When he discovered the area that aligned with his skills and experience, he was able to speak directly with Northwell Health IT staff and even secured an interview.

“The opportunity to talk to recruiters and be in contact with management was great”, Amrit explains. “I really liked the fact that I could speak directly to hiring managers.”

Following the IT Virtual Career Fair, Amrit was offered the opportunity to join our IT team as an IT Project Administrator for the Office of the CIO. He’s contributing his expertise to an impressive group of more than 1,500 skilled professionals who are implementing and supporting advanced clinical and technological systems to help one of the nation’s largest and most forward-thinking healthcare organizations redefine care.

Specifically, he’s just taken on a new role that gives him the opportunity to make a significant impact on our system through the application of his advanced IT knowledge. “I just finished up a project with the site CIO team to create a report that can be pulled from our PRISM system,” says Amrit. “It allows visibility as to when projects are going live at specific sites.”

Amrit took on this new role because of the great potential for growth and fulfillment it offered.

“I enjoy everything I do with my current position because I am constantly learning in the role,” Amrit tells us. “Since I started, I have gained so much hands-on experience that I can take with me in the future. Northwell Health has always embodied putting their patients first which is what draws me to the organization.”

We’re holding another IT Virtual Career Fair on September 27th ! Interested in seeing what you can accomplish as part of this innovative team? Amrit encourages you to come to the Virtual Career Fair and get in front of Northwell Health’s IT decision makers. “Make sure you are to the point,” Amrit advises. “Many people attend the Virtual Career Fair, and sometimes hiring managers or recruiters are just looking for what you want to do.”

So take the first step on your next professional journey at the Northwell Health IT Virtual Career Fair. As Amrit says, “If you want to see how far a simple chat can take you, come to the Virtual Career Fair. You could end up being one of the people working in this organization at the forefront of healthcare change and patient health.”

Register here.

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We’re redefining health care with IT. Join us at our Virtual Career Fair!

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We’re redefining health care with IT. Join us at our Virtual Career Fair!

Making health care better is a big deal, and it takes the sharpest minds and most tenacious technology leaders to make it all happen. Our IT team is an impressive group of more than 1,500 skilled professionals implementing and supporting advanced clinical and technological systems for one of the nation’s largest and most forward-thinking healthcare organizations.

Astrid Tucker is one of these amazing people. She attended our IT Virtual Career Fair last year. At this unique event, Astrid was able to visit a wide variety of “booths” where she could explore the many different   IT careers available at Northwell Health. At these booths, she spoke with IT staff and leadership and even secured an interview. “I was approached immediately and connected with a manager,” Astrid recalls. “After that, they scheduled a phone interview for me.”

It wasn’t long before Astrid became a key member of the Northwell Health IT team.

“I am currently working in Information Security Governance,” Astrid tells us. “It’s a great team and it brings me in contact with many others throughout the organization.”

Starting on September 27th, we’ll be holding another IT Virtual Career Fair. Astrid encourages anyone interested in an exciting career in IT to register to attend. “Take a look at all the information on Northwell’s IT Virtual Career Fair site”, Astrid advises. “You’ll see that IT is making a big impact on patient care at Northwell Health.”

At this event, you will be able to explore how our IT team helps protect our employees and our patients. Our top IT leaders and staff will be there to answer your questions. And so far, we have over 18 booths ranging from Risk Management to Project Management Applications and Clinical Application Support.

Astrid adds, “If you like technology, you’ll want to attend the Virtual Career Fair. It is a platform to interact with other top tech people and get the opportunity to chat with a possible future manager.”

Think our Information Technology department might be the right fit for you? Register to attend our 2nd annual Virtual Career Fair here!

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You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

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You might be Made for a ED nurse career with Northwell Health if…

There’s something about working as an emergency department nurse that sets you apart from the crowd.

…you like your pace fast.

If your work shoes are track shoes, you might be an ED nurse. Let’s face it, you’re fueled by adrenaline and action and life in the ED is the only thing that will quench your thirst for excitement.

“It is a huge challenge to balance the demands of the ER with the organized chaos.  It takes a very special person to succeed here.”

 –Diana Giacomino, RN

…you know variety is the spice of life.

And you like it extra spicy. Habanero spicy. Every day is different in the ED. Every moment brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to be your best. That’s what you’re made for.

“Every day is different. It’s not made for everyone. It’s unique because you become a master in all fields.”

  — Andrew Wong, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CCRN-K, Emergency Department Staff Educator

…you’re a team player.

As good as you are, you know it takes an exceptional team to make miracles happen. You wouldn’t have it any other way.  Fortunately, you’ll be surrounded by the best people in the business, including physicians who are consistently named among New York’s best by New York Magazine.

…you adapt at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to handling constant changes in a dynamic setting, you’re a human chameleon. You think fast, act fast and can change fast to suit every situation.

“What’s unique about being an emergency nurse is the constant need to reassess and reevaluate your situation and the situation of your patients–in a moment’s notice.”

–Matthew Hadley, BSN, RN

…you’re always looking for the next challenge.

You never settle and you’re never satisfied. If you even had laurels, you wouldn’t rest on them. You’re inspired to always go further and reach higher in your career.

“I chose emergency nursing because I knew it was a field that would constantly challenge me.”

–Sabina Monosova, BSN, RN

Make your move.

Now that we’ve established that you’re made for a great career in the ED, come to our ED Nursing Interview Week during the week of August 28th. You’ll get to learn all about the opportunities available throughout our 22-hospital system.  Find out more here.

Think emergency nursing at Northwell Health is right for you? Attend our upcoming ED event or apply to our open jobs.

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A small gesture for those who go the extra mile

Veteran grad 5-1

A small gesture for those who go the extra mile

Veteran Graduation Ceremony

Each year thousands of Americans graduate from college, and this year we took the step to congratulate a certain group that has already done so much for our country. One of the Veteran initiatives at Northwell Health is to educate Veterans about our many career opportunities. With our Barracks to Business Career Workshops, we have been able to help hundreds of Veterans take their next steps in civilian life by translating their military skills to relate to civilian jobs. By joining our Veteran Talent Community, they can connect with our Veteran Program Specialist, Lyndon Chichester, who will help them discover the many career opportunities we have available. And with our recruitment events, they get to speak directly with recruiters about what they look for in candidates and how they can set themselves apart.That is exactly what happened last week at our Veteran Graduation event. Put together by our Inclusion team, this event connected recent Veteran graduates with our recruiters in

That is exactly what happened last week at our Veteran Graduation event. Put together by our Workforce Readiness Team, this event connected recent Veteran graduates with our recruiters in round-robin format.  “It was such a pleasure to attend this event. The size and time period allowed the attendees to connect with the recruiters individually and they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful,” said one of the attendees. With over 2,000 open positions, attendees were able to find a job that matched their Military background with the help of our MOS Crosswalk.

After a nice lunch and some cake, they left with their resumes in our recruiter’s hands and a bond formed with our Veteran Program Specialist. “Our goal is to help as many Veterans as possible. If that means having events like this so they can get in front of our recruiters, then we’ll try to have one every month,” said Lyndon Chichester. Here, we’re committed to helping each Veteran continue their career journey. We’ve been named a Military Friendly® Employer three years in a row, are proud members of the Veteran Jobs Mission and other programs committed to serving those who’ve done so much to serve us all. Above all, we’re dedicated to giving Veterans the opportunity to continue making a difference in peoples’ lives, and our communities.

 Want to connect with Lyndon? Join our Veteran Talent Community.  

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We know the value of providing our employees with the right culture to develop their professional goals.

Northwell Health Header

We know the value of providing our employees with the right culture to develop their professional goals.

When it comes to your career, the right work environment is what makes the difference.

Make a difference, behind the scenes.

As a laboratory professional, you know that your contributions matter. Northwell Health is a healthcare provider that strives to enhance quality patient outcomes by continually assessing how health care is provided. The vision of our laboratory service line is exactly how we achieve our mission and goals.

Your expertise and knowledge will touch our patients’ lives and contribute significantly to our integrated healthcare team. By 2018, we will be the largest hospital-based integrated laboratory in the country performing over 55 million lab tests annually.

“Every specimen is a life to us. So even though we’re behind the scenes, everyone in the lab is valued as a highly skilled, dedicated member of the healthcare team.”

— Donna Manchisi, Director of Lab Marketing and Education

Advance your career, your way.

At Northwell Health, we are committed to helping our employees define and pursue the career path that is right for them. If you have a passion for management, we’ll provide the resources and support to help get you there.

If you want to remain in a hands-on technology role, we will provide you with the continuing education you need to enhance your skills.

We have the opportunity, and with a growth rate of 20% per year, the question isn’t how you’ll grow, it’s when will you start.

Come and join our team. Experience it for yourself.

Laboratory Professionals Interview Day – May 4

Join us and explore a wide range of opportunities, including:

  • Blood Bank Technologists
  • Laboratory Lead Technologists
  • Laboratory Technologists
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Laboratory Supervisors

With 16 hospital labs and our centralized state-of-the art laboratory, we have positions on Long Island, the five boroughs and Westchester – your career is calling.

What do you need to be successful?

To succeed as a laboratory professional at Northwell Health, you need passion, drive and the ability to see the bigger picture. Our standards are high, for patient care, and for the employees who justify our mission. You have to be able to multitask and be extremely organized and detail-oriented. You must be a strong team player, but also able to work independently.

“We’re looking for people with passion, people who go above and beyond while always putting the patient first. We want people who understand that there’s a person on the other side of the tube.”

–Michael Eller, Assistant Vice President, Planning & Project Management, Northwell Health Laboratories

Enjoy an exceptional culture to advance your laboratory career at Northwell Health. Come to our Interview Day on May 4. Find out more.

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Sparking Interest in STEM Careers


Sparking Interest in STEM Careers!

Earlier this year over 700 junior and senior high school students visited 50+ Northwell Health sites and service lines to learn about STEM careers as part of our 3rd Annual Spark! Challenge created by the Workforce Readiness team. During their visit students were exposed to a diverse set of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities available within the health care industry by hands-on learning “Career Days”. Students were then asked to collaborate with their team to create a career advertisement and a two minute career presentation to showcase at our Awards Ceremony.

“I don’t know how we did it, but we coordinated 8+ teams of students from Bellmore-Merrick JFK to cook a full Thanksgiving Day feast under one hour,” shares North Shore University Hospital’s head chef, Mike Kiley. “Staff from Food & Nutrition coached the students, while pushing their competitive buttons with a holiday cook-off. Not only did the teens have fun, they learned nutritional tips and how to better work as a team.”

Last week students, teachers and Northwell Health employees and executives filled the Cradle of Aviation for the Award Ceremony and over 45 schools presented on their chosen careers from their visit. The day was filled with interactive workshops and activities from various departments that included, 3D bioprinting, a CEMS simulator, Culture of Care workshop, Bioelectronic Medicine, telemedicine, a robotic surgery simulator and more.

As an organization we are always focused on educating our communities at all ages and the Workforce Readiness team does this by innovating  the way we interact with next generation professionals about vast health care careers. “There’s no industry like health care. Besides pursuing a career as a doctor or a nurse, you can also be an engineer, a chef, an accountant, a computer tech, a transporter – well the list goes on,” said President and CEO, Michael Dowling.

Everyone’s a Winner

During the awards ceremony, students and Northwell Health employees received monetary awards and myReward points respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on their presentation and careers poster. In true form, our President and CEO Michael Dowling tripled the award bucket just moments before the winners were announced.

In total, over $12,000 in prize money went to students from Tottenville High School, Sacred Heart Academy, Valley Central High School and Glen Cove High School for their clarity, enthusiasm, and content in the Presentation Award category. We also awarded over $14,000 in prize money to students from Amityville High School, Baldwin High School, Bellmore-Merrick JFK High School, and Valley Stream Central High School for their creativity in the Poster Award category.

“We have doubled our participation from both students and Northwell Health sites since last year,” says Lauren Pearson, Manager, Workforce Readiness. “What a truly amazing and inspiring day. I am so grateful to work here, doing a job I love, surrounded by amazing people and leadership.”

Promoting STEM Careers

With STEM careers on the rise, educating students early on is a high priority at Northwell Health. One of the many goals throughout the Spark! Challenge is to ignite student’s interest in the STEM careers we have throughout our health system. With each unique site/service line visit, these students received an in-depth look as to the many clinical and non-clinical career paths we have available. Our employees know these students will be our next leaders and want to show them the endless opportunities a career in health care can provide for them, and support them in their journey.

In the words of Michael Dowling, “Never believe you can’t do something. When you get up each day, try, and then perfect that process and move forward again. Don’t be stagnant. Always keep moving. There is no limit to your success.”

 Learn more about our student initiatives.

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World-class Cardiac Care in the Heart of Eastern Long Island

Northwell Health

World-class Cardiac Care in the Heart of Eastern Long Island

Nurses seeking to work at the leading edge of cardiac care have to look no further than Long Island.

With two outstanding hospitals – Southside Hospital and Peconic Bay Medical Center, Northwell Health is bringing the best cardiac care – and cardiac nursing careers – right to the communities of eastern Long Island.

The Northwell Difference: Southside Hospital

Looking for award winning, record setting achievements to match your own career aspirations?

  • Southside Hospital currently handles approximately 500 open heart cases per year
  • 45 Minute door-to-balloon time
  • American Heart Association Silver Quality Achievement Award
  • Aggressively pursuing Magnet® recognition

Southside Hospital is currently expanding cardiac capabilities with additional cath labs, EP labs, 24/7 cardiac care and testing. We’re looking for top nurses that will fill a variety of cardiac positions – from surgery to recovery to cath lab to cardiac rehab and more. Whatever the role, nurses enjoy a family-like working environment with management that is strong, supportive, transformational, and hands-on. Southside Hospital offers ongoing continuing education, Master’s programs, certification support and a high level of career mobility.

Making the Industry Change with Innovation: Peconic Bay Medical Center

Peconic Bay Medical Center, a proud member of Northwell Health, offers nurses ground-floor opportunities to contribute to an exciting transformational culture. This location is opening a state-of-the-art cardiac center that includes cath lab, electrophysiology and advanced cardiac care.

To realize this bold vision, the hospital needs high potential achievers with the skills and determination to take cardiac care to new heights. It’s part of our culture to offer training and learning resources unlike anywhere else, from our simulation center to the opportunity to train at world-class facilities to an award-winning corporate university and the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine.

Regardless of which hospital, the future is the same. Northwell Health cardiac nurses get the opportunity to transform the future of cardiac care in an exceptional location. The area offers close proximity to all of the excitement and activities of New York City, yet with a style all its own that makes it seem a world away. There are inviting vineyards and wineries, unique boutiques and shops, wonderful bistros and restaurants, peaceful and nostalgic farms and much more. In less than an hour, you can find yourself at the beach, the Hamptons, Fire Island or any number of other great destinations. On top of all that, it’s just a short trip to the endless activities and excitement of Manhattan.

If you’re looking for a great cardiac nursing career, now’s the time to get started. Join one of our upcoming hiring events:

  • March 23rd, 2017
  • March 29th, 2017
    • Location: Roslyn, NY, Delicacies Gourmet
    • Time: 3pm-7pm
  • April 4th, 2017
  • April 28th, 2017
    • Location: Hyatt Regency Long Island
    • Time: 10am – 12pm

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We Got a Golden Ticket


We Got a Golden Ticket

Well actually, 350 nursing students from 21 nursing colleges and universities received a “Golden Ticket” to the 2nd Annual Northwell Health Golden Ticket Nursing Showcase. Previously known as the Student Nursing Dinner, Northwell Health has been connecting thousands of students to our nursing staff and leadership for 9 years – and this year was no different. Kerri Anne Scanlon, Deputy Chief Nurse Executive, Northwell Health & Chief Nursing Officer, North Shore University Hospital said, “Each year we bring together the top 10% of nursing students from the best colleges and universities because we want to hire and train the top talent of tomorrow to help drive our mission forward.”  Scanlon goes on to say that, “We don’t have to do the Showcase to recruit new graduates or nursing students. We do this event to expose the students to the Northwell Health culture, our exemplary nursing programs and have one-on-one time to learn and hear from our service line staff and leadership.”

Students were eager to start the day and by the time we opened our doors at the Crest Hollow Country Club at 7:30am, they were lined up to check-in. Receiving a goodie bag and raffle ticket, students were on their way to start their session. With two sessions – one for juniors and one for seniors nursing students – students were exposed to many facets of Northwell Health’s Externship, Fellowship and new graduate opportunities. Presentations from senior leadership including Northwell Health’s Chief People Officer, Deputy Chief Nurse Executive & Chief Nursing Officer, VP of System Nursing Education, and Senior Vice President & CNO, Maureen White spoke about their experiences, our nursing programs and how anyone at Northwell Health can achieve a career dream with the resources and educational opportunities available to employees. In the junior session 6 previous externs, and in the senior session 10 nurses, spoke about their experience and had Q&A with the audience.  

 Ellen Lorenz, Nursing Fellowships and Recruiting Program Manager said, “The Golden Ticket Showcase is such an amazing event. Students have the unique opportunity to not only hear about our programs but to meet our Nursing Leaders, Educators and Registered Nurses. I am so proud of our team and am delighted to have been part of this special day.”

The sessions concluded with hundreds of Northwell Health employees participating in a Nursing Expo from 6 hospitals including North Shore University Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Zucker Hillside Hospital, Staten Island University Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, Southside Hospital, and Cohen Children’s Medical Center. We also had 12 different service lines ranging from ED, Perioperative Services, Behavioral Health, to Oncology and Med/Surg, where team members spoke about their facilities and units. Our recruitment team was on-hand to talk about job opportunities as well and give pointers on resume writing. One of the attendees said, “As a current student, it was incredibly exciting to hear about the nursing opportunities [at Northwell Health] and the impact that the system and its professionals have had on the greater community. The event was not only an informative opportunity to learn more about Northwell, but it was also an incredibly well-thought out welcome to those who are most excited to enter the profession.”

The day was filled with endless information, Northwell swag, and way too much food. Our attendees were also able to take a break at our photo booth where they posed with their friends and our employees to create lasting memories.









After 8 hours of fun, the students embarked on their journey’s home, our employees organized the resume’s they received, and we celebrated another successful Golden Ticket Showcase. We are excited that we are able to partner with such great universities and colleges who grow and develop the next generation of nurses – they will be the hands that make a difference, the minds that challenge us, and the hearts that will never stop caring for those in need.

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2016 President’s Award Winner for Innovation


About the Innovation Winner

The winner for Innovation, MindFULL C.A.R.E., developed a new model of geriatric-specific patient care to help the growing elderly population, which accounts for more than 46% of hospital stays on average.

The team integrated the disciplines of nursing, psychology, psychiatry, internal medicine, and geriatric medicine to build the program’s structure, process and outcomes. This enabled employees to optimize a safe and therapeutic environment to deliver geriatric-specific quality care. The program started with redesigning an existing unit to include flat-screen TVs, a common area to cultivate socialization and fewer walls to facilitate an open and friendly space. They also incorporated the addition of patient engagement specialists, who were educated on de-escalation and redirection to contribute to a restraint-free environment, decreased risk of de-conditioning and a decrease in use of behavioral medications.

The team approach has not only improved outcomes for these patients, but has also significantly reduced the exorbitant costs associated with one-on-one care. This unit accomplished all this while increasing patient satisfaction. It has earned a 100% HCAHPS score this year, after an average of 77 percent the previous three years. The program has reduced readmissions and eliminated the need for patient restraints.

The implementation of a MindFULL C.A.R.E. Model incorporates Connectedness, Awareness, Respect and Empathy for our elderly population. It’s not only what we need to do, it’s the right thing to do.

Watch their story come to life.