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Taking Imaging Skills in New Directions: Meet CT Technologist, Carmen Arana

As a CT technologist, Carmen operates a computed tomography machine to create detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels. She helps prepare patients for various exams and ensures that the radiologist has all of the clear information needed to make an informed diagnosis. Her responsibilities also include managing the patient flow and assisting the x-ray department, when needed. Carmen knows her role as an imaging specialist at Northwell is meaningful. “I am able to provide a safe and complete diagnostic exam using state-of-the-art technology,” she says. “This encounter alone can have a huge impact on how a patient’s treatment progresses. I enjoy helping patients have the best experience possible and appreciate the thanks I am given in return.”

Two Nursing Careers, Two Equally Amazing Journeys

Career growth and development means different things to different people. For Jessica Jimenez and Tamaka Wallace, their nursing careers began along different paths but through tuition support and mentorship, they blossomed just the same and continue to grow at Northwell Health. Read below to learn more about these unique career journeys in nursing and imagine your own career path with us.

Reflecting on ways to advance equity with our African American and Caribbean Bridges BERG (Business Employee Resource Group)

This month, our African American and Caribbean BERG will recognize Black History Month by hosting several virtual events aimed at reigniting humanism in healthcare and at the workplace. Northwell’s Bridges BERGs are cultural ambassador groups that organize the education needed to create a positive work environment for everyone regardless of background, religion, abilities, or race.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year with our Asian BERG (business employee resource group)

This year the Asian BERG will be hosting tables at sites across the health system where volunteers will hand employees red (a lucky color according to Asian customs) envelopes filled with tiger embossed gold chocolate coins. Accompanying the chocolate will be a decorative insert wishing employees a Happy Lunar New Year, good health, good luck, and abundance of happiness throughout the year. In addition to the tabling, Janet is excited about the BERG’s week-long giveaway, giving employees a chance to win Lunar New Year baskets and Northwell swag. “Lunar New Year is about prosperity, longevity, and unity,” Janet adds. Themes that align with the work culture at Northwell.

Northwell is proud to announce the launch of The Management Accelerator and the Executive Leadership Program in partnership with McKinsey and Company

Northwell is proud to announce the launch of The Management Accelerator and the Executive Leadership Program in partnership with McKinsey and Company, which is designed to support the advancement of diverse leaders within an organization. More than 60 Northwell leaders will take part in a six-month mentorship program that will help them hone their leadership capabilities and management skills through expert coaching in support of achieving their C-suite professional aspirations.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Well-being at Northwell Health

Every year, Northwell team members can rely on tried and true employee wellness programs and they can trust in the implementation of new initiatives designed to create a happy, safe, and healthy work environment. Our well-being programs aren’t meant to be checked at the door when employees finish their shifts; many of the resources and activities are devised with employees and their families in mind.

La’Dreamer Lark, Patient Access Service Representative and Community Captain

Imagine seeing yourself and your daughter on the jumbotron screen at Madison Square Garden? That is what happened for La’Dreamer Lark this fall when she was invited to Essential Workers Night presented by Northwell Health and named this year’s “Community Captain” in honor of the nonprofit she and her daughter founded. It would be a memorable moment to say the least and in La’Dreamer Lark’s own words, “it was life changing.”

Northwell Community: How our VALOR BERG helps veterans reintegrate into the civilian workplace

In our latest Northwell Community series video, WPIX’s Mr. G discusses the impact of Northwell’s VALOR BERG (business employee resource group) on the veteran community and their families with team members Victoria Hagemann, MSW, social worker at Zucker Hillside Hospital and Craig Washington, director of distribution operations at Northwell Health.

Northwell Community: Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

As always, Northwell levels up when it comes to standards for having a positive work environment. With business employee resource groups (BERGs) like N-ABLE, our organization aims to remain open to learning about best practices so that all voices are heard and so that the workplace is a space conducive to making everyone feel like they are encouraged to be truly themselves.

A Career in Care Management at Northwell Means a Fulfilling Role with Endless Room for Growth

Impacting community health requires a combination of compassionate employees dedicated to helping people and a health system committed to keeping the “care” in healthcare—and that’s the case with the Northwell Health Solutions team. This commitment from a health system alone may be what some candidates expect when seeking a career in health care, but as Jessica and Alexis quickly learned, at Northwell you’ll also raise your career expectations.

Health and Wellness Isn’t Just about Our Patients: It’s about Our Team Members, Too

We spoke with Michael H. Goldberg, executive director at Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC), about his dedication to making wellness a top priority for employees at LIJMC and all of Northwell Health. Michael’s healthy initiatives have had a real impact throughout the health system — and with tens of thousands of followers on social media, Michael has inspired people far beyond the walls of LIJMC with his passion for healthy living at home and at work.