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Day in the life: A specimen and the laboratory professionals who help diagnose outcomes at Core Lab

While getting blood results may seem simple, there are a lot of clinical laboratory team members working behind the scenes to ensure results are delivered accurately, timely, and safely. Follow the path a specimen takes through our Core Lab.

Day in the life: Lab Technologist at Southside Hospital

Working as a laboratory technologist at Southside Hospital for 40 years, Emilie Moyse considers herself part of the evolution of lab. We followed her to see a day in a life as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) at Southside Hospital.

5 STEM healthcare careers for students to explore

STEM careers go beyond just being a doctor or an engineer – the opportunities are endless! So what are some of the major STEM careers you should be exploring?

Why being a home care nurse is so rewarding

Conducting more than 550,000 visits each year, our home care nurses are committed to bringing outstanding, innovative and award-winning care right to the patient’s home. Hear from two of our team members on why they love working with Northwell Health At Home.

An Appointment With: Michael J. Dowling, Northwell Health President and CEO

We’re kicking off 2019’s Appointment With blog series with our President and CEO Michael J. Dowling! We sat down to discuss how Northwell is ready to meet the ever-changes challenges of health care head on and continue our growth in the future.